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Option 1 £400

Life plan assessment








We’ll go through everything and I will look for what your life is currently telling about you.

What would need to be changed or seen differently in order for you to feel more comfortable and happier?

Option 2 £200

Routine check-up

A quicker version to readjust your life on the right tracks. Yours. You will describe and explain to me what you are going through, the more honest the better. And I’ll point out you the weaknesses or not-so-aligned thinking so you can make the needed changes and already feel better.




Raise your awareness

I love to take that time to explore any subject that matters to you.

Approximately 1h long, let's dig deep and open our heart, mind and soul to all possibilities.


Private coaching

Diagnostic + Blueprint £600

Life plan assessment + meeting to share and look for solution-based ideas.

Include diagnostic option 1 and a meeting where we talk about what is actually possible, and what is not. Together we’ll rethink your life so you can flow into it without (or with less) resistance, pain and difficulties.


Week coaching £800

Follow up with unlimited access to me


You can then apply for a private coaching. I work on week to week basis. I believe in efficiency and dedication, therefore I prefer spend our time in intense coaching during a week and then let you do the long time work.

During that week I’ll make myself available as much as possible so I can be with you as much as you need. Phone calls, texts, Facetimes, one-to-one meetings, quick questions or long chats anything you need to move on during that week and make that shift.

This unlimited access is of course limited to reasonable asks, hours and time.


What is it that you do?

I look for the harmony and easiness in your life.  Everything that is not will tell me that something is unclear or unsolved.

When chatting with your during the meeting, you will tell me about you and what you’d like to have or to stop having in your life. By showing me who you are I will then be able to show you what is not making sense in your life.

It is a very interesting exercise to step out of your emotions and ego and analyse things for what they are and then realigned them on who you are.

This service is here to help you step up for who you are and show to the world the real you.

It is for you if you are ready to step into your Power and stop the littleness. If you are ready to embrace everything that is screaming Hell Yes.

I am a magician, but only you can work the Magic on Yourself. I can only point you toward the right direction.

You never mentioned the time?

It’s right. I don’t like the idea of limited time very much. I only limit what needs to be limited and I like to have the freedom of time as much as possible.

Therefore I won’t be counting my time on any of those services; it would probably be a matter of hours.

The task comes first. And I’ll take the exact time I need to do so.

Where do you work?

I am working around Whitley Bay and worldwide.

I can meet in a Cafe if possible. Alternatively all I need is a good network (Thank God we have video and phone calls to make it work).

What is it that you promise?

Nothing. And Everything.

I promise to show you what is not working, what doesn’t feel like you, what could be updated, improved, changed.

The real change is up to you.

With Option 3, I take the time to think about solutions and ideas with you, to find a blueprint that would be easy to access for you.

But I’ll never be able to do the work for you.

With the private coaching, I’m here to listen to you, to point you back toward your path over and over again, to give you the ideas and tips, to remember you who you are and why you are doing it, what your goal is. Still all efforts will come from you.

Letting go and surrendering while being present and aligned is one of the hardest thing to do and to practice. You only can do it for yourself.

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