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How we all ended up doing a Mindful Retreat

You finally caught up on all the series, movies and books that have been waiting for you and now you start having this feeling…. Boredom. Yep, the very one and the one thousands of people are seeking when booking amazing retreats in monasteries or inspiring places. And you get to have that for free. Without the barbarian 4am wakeup call! (unless you have kids, then I can’t make any promises).

Here are 4 reasons why I think that we all got lucky and finally got a chance to stop the time and look around us.

  • You have to stay in one place all day long

Sure you can go shop some groceries and have a little walk, but compared to what Life used to be? That’s just the appetizer! Something we used to do not by choice but by duty and now here we are. Nothing like stillness gives us more perspective on where we are at.

  • There are not many people – if any – to talk to

If you’re really good and live by yourself you even got the Silent Retreat ticket! Lucky you, it surely is one of the most challenging retreat ever. Good luck getting to know You and watching the plants grow and the clouds pass. By the end of it you will be the most relaxed and enlightened person in your social circle I promise – don’t give up.

  • You are facing problems you probably have been avoiding for a long time

Let’s be real here, we never had so much time with ourselves. I mean, literally. Distractions are limited (even with all the Netflix, Amazon Prime and Zoom calls). You’re started to really be bored, of everything. Sure you can still be proactive and keep planning, or just spend your time worrying about this whole thing; but still – you’re just trying to avoid spending too much time with yourself. And it’s good, nobody said that spiritual retreats are fun, they are really hard. You usually go there to learn more about yourself, solve a problem or see something clearer, and you get it. At the end. Don’t forget the 90% of the time before spent trying to avoid those uncomfortable thoughts and this oh-so-itchy stillness. Quiet and serenity don’t come easy, you’ve got to let the dust settle down.

  • Your greatest activity has become cooking – and walking

No better way to practice mindfulness! By the time it all start again we will be experts in present moment. Power of Now here we come!

Now, it doesn’t make it any easier. But it gives you a way to get the best out of it.

Take care,

Floriane x

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  1. Maryline Maryline

    C’est un très beau message, empli d’une sagesse et d’un reconfort rassurant. Je suis touchée par ces mots posés avec une grande clarté d’âme. Merci.

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