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How to live well with change – a mind opening talk

Change is unavoidable.

Change happens whether you want it or not.

Because change might as well be another word for life.

Remember how the waves go high and low, back and forth?

This is actually a metaphor I am very fond of to describe change and life.

When you go swimming in the sea,

  • you are not worried you will dissolve yourself in the water, are you?
  • You don’t believe you’ll go out transformed  (I mean other than a salty skin and a fresh mind), you won’t be having gill instead of lungs, or a finger missing; are you?
  • So you keep having fun and swimming like a wild seal without worrying about all that, aren’t you?

To make it short you just go there, do your thing, let the sea do its own and just avoid going under and swallowing water.

How come when it comes to life we just totally lose it and frantically become this version of ourselves that doesn’t know what she’s doing?

Things happen?

Just do your thing, react or act upon what you know at the time and move on to the next wave.

Our emotions, our ego, our desires and wishes are amazing part of who we are without for all that having to lead our lives.

Nice talk Flo, but How do you manage?

Awareness. Mindfulness. Meaningfulness.

How to get there?

All the usual techniques: therapy, CBT, relaxation, Reiki, meditation, Yoga, walking, gardening, journaling and the list goes on and on. Whatever you fancy, whatever you’ve heard of, whatever works for you. There is no better way, no good answer, just what works for you (at the time) and what doesn’t

Open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities. Read books, magazines, listen to podcasts.

Today make this first step on your way to accepting change and living well with that.

Let me know which one it is,

With love,

Floriane x

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