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21/01/21 Message of hope

To anyone who is out there looking for the light out of the tunnel,

There is one, I promise you

It’s closer than you think,

Paceyourself, give it time,

I know it is not easy

But you will get through it

I have been there,

I have waited for the answer

I have felt the despair

I have asked myself why bother

I have seen everything in all shades of dark

If this is you, know this

It gets better,

The opportunity will come

The light will shine

You will feel better

  • Talk to people that make you feel good
  • Listen to people that make you feel inspired
  • Do little things every day that make you feel alive – even if it isn’t much it matters
  • You matter
  • One day at a time my love,
  • one day at a time

When I say that life is good I genuinely believe it

I am an optimistic because I choose to

I know how far down being pessimistic puts me

Relentlessly I choose to be happy, to be loved and to love

Every morning I choose again

The life I have

The relationship I’m in

The work I do

The friends I have

The food I eat

They are all choices I make

I choose to be alive and feel alive

I choose how life gets to feel to me and I seek those feelings

Bring that joy back. Take a step back. Make everything a choice. Raise your consciousness. Reach for the light. Make life worth living.

There always is a way to make your light shine.

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