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Woman, stand in your power

I just finished reading an excerpt from a book called If women rose rooted by Sharon Blackie.

It was about everything I love: women who get their power back and how history changed the story we tell about ourselves, how it has not always been this way, how we could write a new story now.

And yet I always have mixed feelings when it comes to feminism. I believe in women, in our wisdom, in our freedom and in every single dream we have. However I do not believe in reacting, in opposing or fighting back.

There is a paradox here that exists in feminism but also in any other cause we have to fight for justice.

  • By fighting back you give what you fight against power.
  • By simply rising above and doing your thing you lead a much more powerful fight.
  • By stating the obvious and acknowledging the injustice you get your power back.
  • By doing what feels right for you regardless of what you should be doing you are standing in your power and as I like to believe you are unstoppable.

There is a scene from the movie ‘The Lady’ that changed my life:

Aung San Suu Kyi standing in front of an armed soldier, clearly meant to stop her and scare her. She looks at him in the eye, says nothing and just keeps walking. Nothing happens. The soldier let her go.

Every time I need to recall that feeling of standing in my power and freeing myself from ANY expectation this is the memory I connect to.

Before I had my daughter I knew I wanted to teach my child the importance of being – neither against nor for – simply being.

There is a drama we all get caught up on, a story we all like to hear when the good guy finally rises back and defeats the bad guy. No matter how catchy this story is there is something we miss when we hear it.

This is victory when the good guy only does his thing, not trying to voluntarily stop the bad guy but instead does what he believes is right. Can you feel the difference?

It’s not so much about what you do but why you do it.

Women’s wisdom and power is the key to a much better world for sure. Not by fighting back – It’s a waste of our time, energy and power – but by finally embodying shamelessly and proudly everything that we are.

Allowing yourself to show up as you are is the fight that is going to make a difference, at the end of it it’s what we fight for isn’t it?


I am going to show up more and more as I allow myself to fully be. I will shine bright focusing on who I am, what I believe in, what I feels is right – and as they say I will do me. I trust that by doing so my daughter will see a world where you don’t have to fight in order to be you – you can hijack the process and go straight to the finish line: Be you – Do you – Have fun.

Book and movie references

The Lady – movie trailer

Sharon Blackie’s book

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