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Things to do when you made a promise to yourself that you just don’t feel like keeping right now

  • Don’t overthink it put yourself in the situation to do it, complain later
  • Actually, complain while doing it
  • Remember why it was sooo important for you to do it
  • Think ‘that’s okay I’ll do it tomorrow’
  • Remember all the things you’ve never done because of tomorrow
  • Remember you said you wanted to shift your life slowly towards a new direction
  • Remember you thought about it and decided that this promise was that one easiest thing to do to bring you there
  • Still complain
  • Start enjoying it
  • Feel in your bones why it was so important
  • Feel proud of yourself
  • Look at the thing done
  • Think ‘it was hard, it’s certainly not perfect but I can say I’ve shown up for myself’
  • Probably start over next time

Yeah, you can tell I decided (last week) to write down one blog every Thursday. Just to get the words flowing again and to take that time for myself to reflect and share the bits and bobs I learn as a human being and now new mum.

You can be mindful all you want it won’t prevent you from boredom, tiredness and this naughty wish of cheating aka ‘not do it this ONE time’.

Well, I am pretty good at giving myself some freedom and allowing my soul and heart to skip chores and unexciting things regularly but when it comes to commitment I have made it can be a bit tough.

I have decided years ago to make promises to myself and to keep them. It was at the time a way to show myself how trust worthy I was, perfect to boost my self-esteem and self-confidence.

On a day to day basis however it ain’t so easy! I can use all the mindfulness in the world, I still get caught up in the daily little drama and holding my promises doesn’t always feel very glamourous.

Sometimes it just is this: a blog that doesn’t go anywhere but that I will keep, share and even be a little proud of because it is yet another proof that I showed up for myself. Once more.

We all know how tiny little decisions brought together make a life and a reality.

What promise to yourself are you keeping?

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