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Do I stay still if I am just not moving?

My mind went wild this morning.

I was having my morning brew (earl grey today), my husband and my mum were having breakfast at the same table.

We had done our daily workout (already week 4!!).

I looked at them and realised they weren’t just there, they were most likely thinking about something else (or just very tired, either would do).

So, I asked.

One answered something I don’t remember now (clue #1) and the other said he was thinking about creating a game with epic fights.

And I said I was just drinking my tea.

Upon which my mum praised me about staying in the present moment.

So I thought ‘eeeh really?’ Was I really only just drinking tea?

And as a matter of fact:

  • I was
  • I wasn’t

I know you love my captain obvious self.

Thinking hard about it I recalled a couple of thoughts I had (which obviously I don’t remember now – 30min later). And I realised that sometimes my sense of being in the present moment was onoly be being unaware of my thoughts.

So the question remains: Does it count?

From what I have read (aaaaall that I have read) about the present moment you got to be fully present to your sensations, the moment you are living, really dedicating your entire attention to the one thing you are doing.

That’s a challenge. CHA-LLEN-GE.

Sometimes, on a good day, for a 0.2s I will be able to solely focus on what I am doing. (Kidding, sometimes I will hold a whole 5s). Whenever I am meditating or just having that moment of stillness I will usually have a few seconds of it, think about something, bounce to something else, fire up my neurons, calm down, breath in, remember what I am doing and go back to my deep calm moment. And repeat.

Some other times I will just gaze out of the window and somehow unleash my mind without paying any attention to what’s happening up there, solely contemplating the view. I can’t be 100% sure that I am being present in that moment. I just escape for a moment. It makes me feel super good, it makes me feel relaxed, it makes me reconnect to myself again, it makes me enjoy that hot cup of tea.

So, all of this to ask you:

Do we need to be aware of being in the present moment to be in the present moment? Doesn’t the knowing of being in the present moment defeat its purpose for it is a thought itself?

(Do you guys have philosophy class in high school or is it just French?)

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s just a matter of raising the awareness on what we do and why we do it. You know I live and breathe for intention and awareness.

Speak soon,

F xx

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