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Oh can I actually do that?

Day 3 – my promise to myself to write everyday is stronger than ever!! hahaha

This morning I scrolled down my Instagram feed – The entire world said that we are not supposed to but mine is just a minefield of pretty pictures (that don’t make me feel bad), motivating quotes and inspiring texts, so I hereby declare myself allowed to scroll when I wake up.

So I was watching one of the story and it was a fitgirl who created her own brand and managed to bring together a team to record a training. So far nothing really that falls under my self-awareness hat isn’t it? Bear with me.

It had me think. (Doesn’t it always?)

My first reaction was: ‘Oh wow they’ve hire an amazing place but stunning view’ – let’s keep it honest between us.

My second thought however was: ‘Oh we can actually plan and organise an entire project by ourselves??’

Let me explain.

There still is a 12 years old me within me who still believes that she is not allowed to open the door to strangers when she is alone at home (fun fact I still had a hard time getting out of me student flat even when I was 19, I felt like I was breaking the law). And this same little girl somehow still believed (and because I was unaware of it, I also still believe) that big project had to come from ‘an adult’.

This is the part that made me laugh at myself so hard.

Because I realised that I was actually that ‘adult’. I have become the adult I thought had aaaall the answers when I was 12. And of course, I don’t (have all the answers).

But the mere idea that I somehow didn’t think planning a big project was something I was ‘allowed’ to do. That is the golden treasure I found this morning.

Not all part of myself have grown up.

Not all part of myself feel responsible, sensible and independent.

Some still believe in ‘the adults’. Some still believe in the fairies. And some are just deeply happy to keep climbing on the trees.

And that’s ok.

I am just looking forward uncovering them all.

I am happy to be a team of one.

I am grateful to experience a deeper oneness everytime something like this discovery comes up.

Life is fun.

What have you realised recently that you still believed in?

Speak soon,

F xx

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