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The need to do everything

I’m not entirely sure where does my belief of doing everything (and more) come from. But it comes with my need to things by myself. Mix those two and you get a super spicy cake ready to explode!

This morning I felt (yet again) rushed to do things. And as usual it didn’t go well. For a whole 5 min! (although it felt much longer at the time, I’m so happy to realise that I am getting better at breaking the circle quickly)

Simple story really.

  1. didn’t sleep very well
  2. was hungry
  3. woke up and really didn’t feel like working out
  4. had to feed the baby but not right now, and not too late either (hate those scenarios)
  5. everybody was super relax and chill
  6. was telling them we needed to work out quickly and then feed the baby so I could get breakfast!
  7. they made fun of me!!!! (which they usually never do and I realise how much I love being taken seriously)

What could have I done differently?

  1. skip work out and hope to do it later
  2. feed baby first and hope she’ll get enough milk before being distracted
  3. eat a little something and workout
  4. tell myself baby will be fine and she’s able to wait
  5. tell myself I will be fine and I am able to wait
  6. relax and trust we’ve done this for the past month and it always went well

Reasons I wanted / didn’t want to do them

  1. work out really makes me feel good for the day and I’m so proud of me for sticking to it
  2. baby doesn’t really start her day well if she eats and is not hungry enough
  3. workout once you’ve had some food is always harder (or you have to wait to digest)
  4. baby is able to wait but I always fear she’ll melt down right before the training ends
  5. I am able to wait but I fear I won’t be able to do the whole training well if I don’t have the energy
  6. I know I can trust it but it really requires my mind to let go of all the fears mentioned above

I ended up going for option 6 eventually. It just took me 5 min to breathe, relax and let go.

In the end baby was super happy to crawl around playing with stuff. She didn’t need us to stop mid training to be fed and instead happily waited for us to be done. Then had a good sized bottle.

I was able to workout, and well. I survived my hunger and happily enjoyed my well deserved breakfast then!

Day started well and I laughed about my stress with my mum and husband.

Another tricky situation being defused. Yay.

I all happens in your head. Once you are able to detach yourself from your emotions, things fall into place and you can breathe again.

Speak soon

F xx

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