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I love you

This morning I just want to say I love you. To remind you of those words. To remind myself of those words.

Who to say it to?

  • yourself
  • your partner
  • your parents, children, family, siblings, cousins, turtle
  • your friends, bff, the bluebird who came say hello on your walk

If you can’t manage to say the words, you can always think them.

You can write a lovely note, you can have a thoughtful attention.

We are so damn quick to judge and remind people around of what they do not do right (true??). We can also start saying out loud what goes well.

Food for thoughts:

  • people become what you think of them
  • your thoughts become your reality

Want less drama in your life? Invite more love

Want more love in your life? Invite more love

You see the pattern.

PS: never forget, love also is about setting healthy boundaries. Love yourself first, you are worth it. Always. Love. Yourself. First.

Enjoy a nice weekend,

F xx

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