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Vulnerability is key

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and soft that’s when the magic happens.

We started the weekend with a trip to the A&E on a Friday night, little baby fell off the bed (officially that kind of parents :/ ) and it took 4h to get her checked on and fortunately everything was fine. Less to say, on Saturday morning we woke up like zombies. Bodies and Minds were MIA. I was exhausted and so were hubby and baby. A long weekend of being all grumpy awaiting us.

And there out of nowhere hubby suggested we went on a road trip and have picnic at the beach. Transformed our day.

The next day was much better and yet to make it even better, hubby suggested we had a cheat meal (he’s very much into watching his diet at the moment #athletelifeforever) and the day got even better.

Somehow along the way magic happened. Things that never happens, happened. Shifts occurred.

I usually quite like my life, I’m very please with it, it makes me happy. a lot. and often.

But sometimes things get hard, you don’t really know why. Then you can choose to fight or to surrender. Both are really good options and absolutely worth it. just need to know what mood you are in and what’s your energy level like.

  • My mum had me watch a Brene Brown talk not so long ago on vulnerability. Being vulnerable is the new strong. Let yourself be you, entirely and completely you. There is magic is being vulnerable.
  • One of my fave money coach one day said: Do the work and then let grace finish it. Grace is what happens when it shouldn’t have happened but it happened anyway.
  • Here, I don’t hold any kind of particular religious beliefs but I like this idea of allowing some kind of magic t help things happen. It release the pressure off my shoulder. It’s not only up to me: luck, magic, grace, God, the Universe, whatever you call it, has my back to.

We all know how much good fighting for something can bring.

But we all stare at surrender as if it was going to bring us bad luck.

Being vulnerable, surrender to life, can bring goof things too.

Just know that you have a choice.

Start considering yourself lucky, magic, having grace, being supported by God, the Universe, whatever you believe in.

If we are not to know why we are here on Earth, we might as well enjoy the ride.

Speak soon,

F xx

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