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Marathon, discipline and other life tips

I’m 30 this year and everybody around me (me included) seems to be pregnant or have children already (or dogs, cats, plants anything that requires proper maintenance).

Years ago (2008-2010) I trained myself and disciplined my mind like never before. I qualified to the France championship for 15-16 years old teens. I passed my baccalaureat (with honours). I ranked 18th and 6th out of 3000 ish on two of the selective exams I passed for physio schools. Less to say I was disciplined. I was focused. I breathed and lived for my goals. I remember one of my teacher saying: it’s a marathon. Manage your effort.

Then I fell down another rabbit hole. After so much discipline and hard work I needed rest, fun, laughter and to take it easy! For the following 10 years I spent time getting to know myself better, making peace with imperfection, learning how to follow the flow. I really intended to realise dreams the easy way. I eased and let go of so many beliefs, tensions and needs. I shifted my perceptions. I owned who I was more and more. I (FINALLY) found out what goals were making me genuinely happy.

And then in 2020 I had my baby. I still was pursuing my dream of growing my own business. I made a final effort: making peace with hard work. After all those years that’s what it came down to: knowing what to fight for, what to put energy in and how to do it.

I am proud to day now I know. At least I know better. In a few years I will probably know even more.

The easy way does not mean not making effort. There is grace is making efforts. There is beauty in hard work. There is balance in discipline.

  • Find a dream that really is yours. Let your inner self speak!
  • Know yourself, know what works for you, know your current limits, know what makes you feel good.
  • Then get ready for hard training.

My mum used a beautiful metaphor: if you ever want to windsurf, you’ve got to pull your sail up first. And that requires tension, a lot of it!

In short, again nothing is ever completely bad or good.

Balance discipline and hard work with rest and fun.

Take it easy, take care of yourself and enjoy feeling the power and strength in your body, your mind and your soul.

Speak soon,

F xx

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