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Feminine and Masculine Energy

It always feels (to me) like there is too much of one or the other but hardly a balance between them.

Feminine feels like respecting my boundaries, giving myself time (and some slack), doing things just for fun, taking care of my body, or my mind or my soul or all of the above.

Masculine energy feels like chasing my dreams, discipline, exercising, doings things being efficient.

Weirdly though I don’t think both energy are so different.

Feminine energy also exists when I exercise, do things, am discipline. There is efficiency in following the flow instead of being too cerebral.

Same goes for Masculine energy of course. It exists when I respect myself enough, when I say stop, when I really enjoy myself and go for it.

It is again the intention behind what we do that matters. Everything can be feminine or masculine depending on how you do it, why you do it.

The balance I seek (maybe that we seek) isn’t that much about balancing specific activities. Rather it’s about the energy we welcome in our selves to do things. During the day, during the year, during your life alternating between soft and hard, between water and fire, between rest and hustle, between what we call feminine and masculine energy. That’s all.

Once again it has to come from you.

Make your life reflects who you are.

Don’t control the outcome, instead look at what’s within.

What your inner self needs usually is right and without overthinking you will soon find yourself with a good balance.

Speak soon,

F xx

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