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The energy

The energy, the passion, the hustle, the boost, the adrenaline; that’s one form of energy and boy it does feel good! No wonder we live for it. It just makes us feel so alive and vibrant.

But energy also is settling down, contentment, presence, slowness and for some reasons we don’t identify as being alive under that energy. But we are! It is a form of aliveness that lasts longer, nurtures and repairs. Without it we would just burn out of passion.

Our body, our mind and our soul isn’t made to experience shots of adrenaline 24/7.

We need the rest.

We need to process.

We need to follow the tide.

We need to go up and up and up. And while we go up it’s ok to sit down and catch our breath for a little while.

We can’t be excited forever.

I don’t know about you but I find it exhausting 😀

I like to be slow at times, I like to sit down and sip my cup of tea. I like to open a book and read a line, a paragraph, a page and then pause because it has me reflect.

The energy of resting can take many form, what’s yours?

During the day you don’t have to do big chunk of nothing and big chunk of doing a lot.

Everything can be subtly mixed together to live in harmony and keep our balance.

Life is fun.

Let’s enjoy it. For real.

See you next week

F xx

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