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Going with the flow VS controlling: what’s best?

For those only looking for the answer I’ll show mercy and give it to you: both.



How can you be in the flow and be in control at the SAME time???

Glad you asked.

There is a matter of tension, You have to find the exact right amount of tension that will hold yourself straight and help you BE in the flow.

Sometimes you can dissolve yourself in the flow and lose every sense of matter.

Sometimes you have to remain yourself and truly BE while in the flow. Keep your substance and move.

That’s the kind of control that can go with the flow.

It’s the kind of control that help you pull a sail up, help you swim, hold your kite and so on.

To play with much bigger elements we have to be fully present. Fully BE.

The Universe for one is a much bigger element. So is life.

And we are true force of Nature whenever we flow.

Speak soon,

F xx

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