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Unshakeable faith

Another breakfast chat this morning.

I was talking to my mum while hubby was already on a meeting and baby fed herself banana.

Have you ever watched Mulan? I love the moment when the Grandma crosses the high street, eyes closed and carrying the cricket.

She doesn’t even begin to imagine that something could go wrong. And indeed, nothing goes wrong. For her. Around her it’s chaos, or what looks like chaos.

I do feel this way maybe more often than life should allow me to.

I genuinely don’t see or feel how something could go wrong. I don’t have to force it, it most likely comes from the innocence we have when we are children.

And life is pretty good.

And then my rational mind strikes (I do have one) and I wonder if my naivety has any unwelcome effects on people around me (i.e. the chaos in Mulan) or if I am just kidding myself and flying blind until I crash. I do have this feeling sometimes that I am just leading myself to a dead end by not thinking straight and over planning (although we already talked about and acknowledged my very organised self).

Again answer probably rests in the middle, finding a good balance.

Let’s just think about this today:

Does faith move mountains because we believe it does or because we put on the work?

I believe in both.

Do our dreams coming true make people around us better or worst?

I trust the first.

Remember we can always have it all.

Just need to define what ALL means to us.

Speak soon,

F xx

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