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Today’s a good day

Yesterday was Father’s day. Our first one since having our little baby girl. We celebrated with a lovely Continental Breakfast.

We had it for supper. Because it arrived late.

Could have bothered me, but I love doing things different and having breakfast to end the day is really nice.

It was a great day, one of those when I feel like having so much time. We did jigsaw, we worked out a little, I picked up a kitchen island from a lovely lady via Facebook Market (I love Facebook Market) , we played with the baby, I had a nap, we watched a movie… See? One of those days.

Today’s Monday and really I don’t see why it can’t feel the same way.

I somehow have to fight the urge of stressing out for everything. I see it’s a pattern and a belief I hold.

I believe there is always something else to do. I believe it should be happening a different way or be done differently. I hold the space (and the energy) that I do not have time (Check my Time Turner deck for inner work on Time it’s fabulous).

And those are things that I choose to believe in. Yes I might have been taught that. Yes I might have taken the habits or copied what I saw but eventually they are decisions. Meaning I can choose different.

It sounds silly but I can choose to see everything as a miracle. I can choose to believe everything works in my favour. I can choose to believe I’d have time for exactly what I need.

Yes I will have to learn to prioritise different.

I will have to learn to trust people around me.

I will have to learn that my first plan isn’t always the best one (Ouch)

And I am willing to do that.

Because I know how good I feel when I just follow the flow. Taking actions one step at a time.

Trusting some kind of Universe, God, Nature, Life, Angels if that helps.

Eventually I like to feel good and I will do what it takes and choose that over anything anytime.

How about you?



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