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Being in the flow, riding the wave, having fun, being joyful, seeing the world with innocent eyes: those are things that I have always felt like being the way for me to live my life.

I have worked around my beliefs, turned them around, shifted my perceptions, released old fears and struggles

I have invited more love, more joy, more fun, more ease, more abundance into my life,

I have let go of all that no longer served me,

I have smoothly added more discipline into my life to help me be in the flow,

And yet when my mum told me ‘remember life is fun, you don’t have to do anything about it just let joy be’

I kind of fell apart.

You know what they say: If you think you have reached enlightenment go spend a week with your family.

So here’s the thing.

My mum is the best, I couldn’t have done all that I have accomplished, all this inner work, this discovery of myself if it weren’t for her example of doing the inner work and looking for a way to live life at its fullest.

So definitely not a triggering relationship here.

But yet, when someone point out one of the things you know you have deliberately left aside because you were working on another skill set it kind of suck. It doesn’t feel good, at all. It forced me to look deep at myself and really shed light on the decisions I had made (subconsciously and consciously).

Once I did that,

I felt good again.

I needed that time, I needed that verification to make sure I was actually walking my path.

The life that is unfolding before me? I have chosen it.

It’s all that I have ever wanted. And more.

Whenever I am reaching another level (don’t like the ideas of levels but didn’t find another way to explain my thoughts) I have to let some of my strength regress KNOWING that I can trust myself to keep them strong enough if I want to spend some energy developing and learning new skills.

Shifting beliefs is hard work.

It takes all of you to make that commitment.

SO it that happens to you, KNOW that you are strong enough. Everything you have already worked on is granted.


You can’t mess it up.

You can’t go backwards.

You can’t forget it.

It is you.

Breathe in, and take a new step forward.

Speak soon,

F xx

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