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A little story

If you read me everyday you know by now that I am looking for peace and serenity at all time. In fact, I am currently working on letting go of some stress left in my life.

One of the things I want to do is being able to recharge myself as I go. Without waiting for complete exhaustion or a certain time and day of the week I want to invite more ease into my life. To be honest with you guys, my life already is pretty easy, like really I am so happy with it. But I know there is more available for me. I know I can flow more, Be more, enjoy more.

As I say those words I realise how it could easily be misunderstood. I don’t mean having more with a greedy energy. I mean allowing more, accepting more, being more.

It always comes down to self confidence and beliefs.

I am so ready to believe that life gets to be even easier than that, even better than what I thought was possible.

Reality only is what we believe it is.

I have undertaken huger inner work to completely shift my beliefs and drop the scarcity energy I had been living in.

Abundance. Peace. Flow. Joy.

The more I hold tight in the hope it will go as planned, the more likely I am to just fall down head first and hurt my pride.

Time for a new chapter of release and fun.

It only is the beginning.

It always is a beginning, no matter the time or what we do.

There never is two things alike.

Speak soon

F xx

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