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Paradox is normal

Juggling multiple pans at the same time has always been good fun to me.

  • Unless I’m tired.
  • Unless I don’t want to.
  • Unless it’s an uninspired day.
  • Unless someone tell me to do it.

But otherwise really I love it!

  • It just needs to come naturally.
  • I just need not to control it.
  • But yet make sure I give this energy the opportunity to work.
  • But without pressuring myself to do so.
  • Doing it.
  • But without expecting results.
  • Staying consistent.
  • But following my flow.
  • Staying true to myself.
  • But pushing myself out of my comfort zone regularly.

Well you know. You get what I mean.

Just life.

And life is fun, good, enjoyable, colourful,vibrant, peaceful, it’s everything we want it to Be.

And more. It’s also our resistance, our doubts, our low energy, our need to refuel, our fear, our shadow side.

So. Instead of focusing on only one side, let’s just embrace the whole.

Let’s normalize paradox.

Because really that might be the only thing true here.

Speak soon

Floriane x

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