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This week has been intense.

The whole household caught a cold (I won’t say baby started it first but I won’t say it didn’t either).

I realised how much I loved being sick just on my own and caring only for me, in fact having people caring for myself felt pretty normal at the time!

Now that I am the one caring for this other little being it’s a little less fun (although very rewarding etc… ).

Anyway I somehow (Time bends as I wish sometimes) managed to be inspired to work and do amazing progress in many projects I have.

Every single time I sat at my desk it felts like Monday. A good Monday. The Monday where you feel ready to kick ass, feel empowered and ready to take on the world you know. That kind of Monday.

It’s the first time I am happy to feel like it’s a Monday. Monday might become my new favourite day. As much as there is a favourite day because all days hold their own little perks and magic.

The thing is to feel it and get into the flow. Listening to what the Universe has to say that day, trusting yourself deeply and doing what feels innerly right.

If you are reading this and it’s July 1st 2021 know that tomorrow I am starting a 7 days challenge to learn how to help this process. It’s time to Recharge as We Go so we can be in that flow and stop resisting life and get in our own way.

Find more about it on Facebook and Instagram @happilymoving

Speak soon

Floriane x

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