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What I picked up from my Challenge

So I have been running a Challenge Recharge as You Go on Instagram and Facebook for 6 days now. There’s only one day left.

As per usual I had a few days to catch up (I very rarely stay on top of challenges, not even mine hahaha)

But it was for the best. (Always is for the best)

Even if I didn’t do the proper exercises I still held the intention of being able to recharge as I go. (read more about it on my day 6 post on IG)

So anyway, today I did day 4,5 and 6 and it reallly felt good.

Today was about setting a new structure for myself, reparenting myself. Setting boundaries but also allowing new things too.

Here’s what I wrote:

  • when tired and want to do or say than extra nice thing. Don’t. Stay silent and still first. Then decide.
  • always choose #1 priority to do. and what inspires you the most. Then the rest.
  • make big list of all your projects.
  • Keep your pencils/paper/jigsaw handy and ready
  • Do less. Perform more. Impress less. Please less. Be more. Trust more. Nail it more.

I can be me. at any time. every time. It always is a good time for me to be me. I strive when I am close to my heart. I thrive when I let go of people’s judgement. I am me when I do as I feel.

It’s always about knowing yourself so deeply, so well, so intimately that you Know what to do as You Go.

That’s it.

On road for day 7 but really this is a major breakthrough.

Speak soon

Floriane x

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