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It’s okay to live for RomCom

Of course I am saying that!

I truly have moments in my life (entire months cough cough) when I am just binge watching feel good movies. And I don’t mean movies where the main characters overcome big struggles and difficulties.


I mean feel good movies that start well, go well and end well. No huge surprise, no big plot, no actual twist. That’s Hallmark Movies for you.

As much as I know those are not actual proper movies one should watch; I am always watching them at exactly the right timing and get the perfect message I needed to hear. Every. Time.

Maybe because I have started living life with more awareness.

Maybe because those movies are much deeper than what we give them credit for,

Nevertheless behind their look, their shallowness, their silliness; they actually send a message.

Once again never judge a book from its cover.

Same goes with people. Situations. Life.

You never know.

Go with it. Go with what you value. Go with what’s important to you.

Allow Life to surprise you from time to time.

You’re dancing, from one foot to another perfectly balanced and there is no way on Earth that something could shake you up and make you fall.

You’ll just improvise another move.

You;ll just go with it and keep doing your thing. With a bit of something else.

And that’s how you build your life.

Just one step at a time.

Indulging in what makes you feel good,

Assessing, but not judging,


Speak soon

Floriane x

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