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Sunday sunny day

I went on a walk earlier with my little one. She’s 10 months old and I carry her facing front so she can enjoy the view as much as I do.

I started walking barely looking at what was in front of me, lost in my thoughts. It happens a lot, and it happens very easily there always is something to think about, an unsolved problem, a yet to come question, you know the way it works.

Because the life I set for myself includes me mindfully showing the world to my little girl… well it means I kind of have to let go my relentless thinking and actually look at this bird, enjoy the view from the path, listen to the sound of the forest.

The first 10 seconds were hard. Then it became easier. I just ended up randomly stopping to let the birds sing again so we could hear them.

And I also ended up with a sleeping baby (but how I manage to put her to bed once back home will be a story for another time).

The actual thing I realise and you how much I love stating the obvious:

  • you have to do now the things that you want to be doing when your Life will be perfect, when your dreams will be true etc…

In my dream I want to live near a forest and go for walks to spot dears and rabbits. But If I don’t start now going on walks and enjoying the nature how will I know when I am ‘here’. If it was not a habit of mine then how could it be a habit now?

We keep waiting up for Life to unfold and dreams to come true.

We keep working on making things happen.

We keep allowing, letting go, rewiring, shifting thoughts, changing patterns.

We also have to Be now the version of ourselves we want to shine bright.

there are things within our abilities now than can be done.

We don’t have to wait for everything.

Some things take time to come into our worlds,

some things we take time to become.

There is a part of your that needs to be listened to.

There is a part of you that needs to be welcomed.

Most times when we resist in fear of what could happen if…

Looking those fears in the eye and truly feeling that You Are will lead you where you want to Be.

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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