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Meditation 29/09/21

I am taking you on a walk today.

I’d like to you close your eyes, breathe in deeply. And then out. Again.

Let your body relax on your chair, feel the connection between your sit bones on the floor, or your feet.

Imagine now a beautiful forest. There is a lovely trail hidden between the branches. The sun shines through the leaves. There are pines on the ground and needles, you can see different sort of trees: huge oak tree, sycamore, fir trees…

As you walk you realise people are following you, chatting around, you don’t know exactly how many, but more than 10 that’s for sure.

As you reach a view point you can see a bench near a rock wall and the sun that comes up on the hills.

You stop and sit on that bench.

In that dream of yours you also close your eyes.

And you breathe deeply.

As you breathe more and more deeply, as you become your breath and begin to loose track of time you hear a pop. For each deep breath you take there is a pop. People around you are disappearing in a pop. Slowly you find yourself on your own. Slowly you begin to actually feel where you are, you become conscious of the trees around you, of the birds singing up the trees, of the smell of the forest. Slowly you begin to feel that heavy silence you know the one that announces serenity and peace when you enter a church or a library.

You become more and more peaceful.

The voices in your head fade.

The sunlight warms your skin.

You open your eyes and you feel whole again.

You belong to yourself again.

You are one again.

Enjoy and soak up that feeling for as long as you wish.

And when the time seems right breathe deeply in and out again. Let go of the air in your lungs. Welcome the new air in.

Open your eyes.

Welcome back <3

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