8 lessons I have learnt to stop feeling less than good

I am part of those people who question it all. I mean it. Relentlessly.

If it not logical, I don’t get it. And if I don’t get I keep asking for an explanation. Until I get it.

I can be quite persistent (who said stubborn?).

But to be fair I don’t only do that to people, I do it to myself to.

And this is how I managed to learn about myself, life, people, science, spirituality, anything so fast.

I just step back from my frantic state and I ask.

What is this about? How do you feel? What can you change? What needs to change?

And if, of course it happens, I don’t do that, you can make sure that my body will tell me something is wrong a way or another. Easy peasy. It’s called somatisation if you want to google it. Although it is quite well known now.

It is when your body becomes ill because of overwhelming emotions. And I don’t like that, that’s why I try as much as I can to avoid that by asking myself ‘how are you girl today?’ Simple.

Except when I don’t really want to know because I know something is wrong with what I do, it is not 100% aligned and it doesn’t feel comfortable. Hence I don’t really want to know more about it and I just try to avoid it.

I know I am not the only one to do that.

Comment what you have been avoiding or how it made you feel to not want to look for it.

You’ll see, we all do that. Regularly. All of us. Because that’s what humans do, they don’t like not feeling good so they don’t dig around the weird feelings. Even if that would make them feel better.

Still with me? 


Here we go 8 lessons I have learnt or re-learnt. You can never learn enough, can you?

  1. Stepping away from your path, even for a minute, even for a friend, even if it’s not too hard comes with high price.

  2. The less time you spend with yourself the more you will probably make not-so-good-decisions.

  3. Love love love is powerful. Love who you are, spend time with people you love and make you feel good.

  4. It is good to feel good. No more guilt, period.

  5. Spend time with yourself. Again. If it feels like you running out of time or you have too much to do then you need it even more. What feelings are you avoiding that don’t make you feel good?

  6. Checking up on you once in a while is not enough, sure it is good, but it is not enough to cope with your daily activities and emotional roller-coaster.

  7. Don’t make harsh decision when at your lowest; wait for the sun to come back.

  8. Be sure you nurture and listen to your soul at least as much as you do with your ego. Not all truths come from your mind; sometimes your heart is right too.

What now?

It’s time to settle down and be. Start with breathing, it always is a good start 😀

And say it with me:

I am safe. I am okay. I am enough.

I do enough, I dream enough, I am enough.

What is it that I need to feel now?

What is it within me that I have been ignoring because it makes me feel uncomfortable?

Write it down.

Let the emotions rise.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

It is safe to let the wave of emotion pass.

Here you go girl (boy), noticed how your breath has gone deeper? Noticed how lighter you feel now?

This is you.

This is you without the dark shadow within you that bothers you unconsciously.

I love you and it’s gonna be okay.

You are part of this life. You are alive. And you are living.

and the sun rose again, 

Floriane x

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