Since I was a kid I always thought I could touch the moon and feel the stars. Now, my mission is to touch people’s hearts and souls so they too can live their lives on purpose, passionately, fiercely and freely.

I was born in France and moved to Canada when I turned 30. In between, I have lived in 4 different countries and moved over 20 times. My background is in Physiotherapy and I have always worked as self employed before starting Happily Moving, in 2017.

It has been many things, from Pilates Teacher to Life Architect through Massage Therapist and Life Coach.

My goal has always been to help people reach their best-self, create a Life of Freedom, Happiness and Love.

It is my intention to serve and support people through coaching, mentoring, writing and creating.

My desire is to help everyone know that they are already enough. It’s by embodying this enoughness that you can live a fun, meaningful and engaged life every single day. 

I have a very strong focus on creating harmony between conscious awareness, unity consciousness and spiritual freedom with life celebrations, reflections & fun.

My mission is to bring a new style of mentoring to the online space. I guide and mentor you to stop being ruled by fear and become who you truly want to be. To know that love is our natural state, and we’re free to choose Happiness and Joy as our only reality.

I am the ultimate blend of Femininity, decisiveness, love and a somewhat martial approach.

I will mix fierce mentoring with spiritual coaching that is meant to shift your energy and your thoughts.

I’m a woman who is willing to go out of her comfort zone in order to create oneness.

I offer private mentoring sessions on Voxer, create online courses and teach my own Masterclasses (both online and offline) in Canada and Europe. I help people who are aware of this world to live their best, happiest and most purpose-filled life. I believe that we deserve to live a life that is filled with joy and love.

I’m a lover of life, I have learned so much in the last 6 years, going from being deflated at the mere thought of my future to living purposefully and consciously. I have found my tribe and life is now magical everyday.

If you are ready to live without limits, without fear and start living your dreams, then this is the place!