Answer seeker

Credit photos : Alexa_Fotos on Pixabay

You are a true seeker.

But do you ever find what you’re looking for?

Are you holding up onto the seeking thing?

Does it give you some more reason to seem bright? To be legitimate?

How are you doing so far?

Are you sick of seeking around?

Are you above it all?

Are you so good that you don’t even want to know how good you are?

Are you scared you might loose everything you’ve built so far?

Are you scared you might not recognised you afterwards?

Are you actually scared to actually find something?

Do you even want to find something?

Or did seeking become a life goal itself?

Do you want more out of it?

Are you scared in the dark behind the door and still trying to look through the key hole ?

Do you feel this burning energy in you and feel how scary it would be if you were unleashing it?

Are you afraid you might hurt somebody else?

Are you afraid you might loose somebody else?

Are you afraid you might loose yourself?

Are you afraid to acknowledge the fact that you actually never truly fit this world?

I know those feelings. 

I know how scary it is.

But I also know this deep want of getting answers.

I know you want more out of this life.

And I know how unconventional it is.

I also know you have this courage inside of you.

That you are more than what you show to people.

That you polished yourself in order to fit.

That nothing hurt you more than feeling excluded.

I share those feelings. 

And I have my own way to get through them .

I travel.

I don’t need to go far.

In a car, in a train, in a plane, I just go. One hour, two hours or a day. And I let myself free. And I let my stress behind. And I allow myself to come alive. Just for me. So I don’t have to show it to the world. And for a minute or so, I feel complete. I feel like I own this. I feel like I know everything. I feel like I the one in charge in my  life.

How about you? How do you reconnect, deeply ?

I want to share with you my very personal way of travelling.

I want to share with you how I seek for answers now.

I actually don’t seek at all. I actually started to trust myself enough to listen to what it comes from within. My answers are there. I’m the only one hiding them from me.

And I’m so sure it is the same for you.

So, do you want to join me ?

And share this together?

It something you can’t ignore.

It seems the right thing to do to you or it doesn’t. no grey shadows here.

You’re in or you’re out.

You’re an answer seeker or you’re not.

You want to stop seeking for nothing and actually get some result.

You want to be brave enough to face it.

You are curious enough to learn more about it.

You  crave for this deep reconnection more than anything.

You’re sick of pretending.

You want a change.

You want to change.

Not to become somebody else. But to stop being somebody else.

And start showing the real you to the world.

Your journey starts now.


in a train with me.

Heading who knows where,

just for the sake of the travel,

and just for the sake of us,

and our true selves.

Are you with me?

Drop me an email and let’s choose the best moment together

Always 1:1 with me, include transport and meals or snack, and me (of course!). Usually Round trip from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (train, coach, maybe even plane… let’s keep all doors open).  Whatever makes you dream and keep your heart and your mind open !

PS : the online booking indicates online/phone appointment because I couldn’t add train station or Airport or Coach station!  Choose a slot and we discuss the details by email or text.



£800 for a day travel



£250 for half a day travel



£200 for 2h short trip



Have a look at my Facebook page, I’ll share when I go somewhere and could mindfully share this trip with somebody else (one way in that case) 🙂


You already know.

Floriane x