August – Energetic season – Autumn

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Autumn – a time for reflection


I know, I know, summer has only just arrived and I’m talking about autumn?



But allow me to explain – I’m talking about the autumn energetic season. That’s different from the actual seasons.

Read on and I’ll enlighten you.

While the sun warms our shoulders and the sky glows relentlessly blue, it’s easy to ignore the energetic seasons and bask in the glory of summer instead. But I implore you not to.

Sure, enjoy the glorious (if sometimes slightly erratic) summer weather, but don’t ignore what your body and soul need at this time of year. It’s time to take stock and slow down.



What are energetic seasons?

I explored the energetic seasons in my summer energetic season blog back in May, but just to recap, the energetic seasons are seasons relating to the energy we experience within ourselves.

They’re not in line with nature’s four seasons. Instead, they roll out slightly ahead of the weather. They reflect an invisible energetic influence set to work to enable manifestations to trigger. Those manifestations may not actually become visible for a while, but they’re kicked off in the relevant season to come into fruition, all in good time.

New energy comes into play during each season, bringing with it an influence that will act as a catalyst for change.

During ancient times, our forefathers honoured the ‘Wheel of the year’ – the year was split into quarters and there was a dark half of the year (autumn and winter) and a light half of the year (spring and summer) – stands to reason, right?



The autumn energetic season

This time of year (August-October) sees the start of the autumn energetic season.

Some say the autumn season is about grief and melancholy – a reflection of fallow ground and good times past.

I look at it differently. For me, the autumn season is time for peace. Our souls become somehow suspended and we increase our consciousness, appreciate the rewards for the good work we’ve already done in past seasons.

We need to start the slowing down process. Don’t slow down completely – that’s for the winter energetic season. But do start to take your foot off the pedal and allow your body and soul to slow, catch up, take a breather.

This time will disappear in the blink of an eye but, in reality, it’s with us for three months – make the most of it.




Reflect, enjoy, breathe, admire.




How to make the most of the autumn energetic season

Whatever you do in this season, do not neglect the opportunities to slow down that it brings.

The last thing we need is to start the winter energetic season tired, exhausted, worn out.


Take the opportunity to detox, look after yourself both physically and emotionally. Enjoy a massage, explore Reiki, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Acupuncture. Whatever makes you relax, slow down and feel good.


Meditate, keep a journal, allow yourself to rest, eat healthily and regularly – all of these slight lifestyle changes will allow you to catch up with yourself and make the most of the autumn season.


Prepare your body to move downward.


Allow your busy mind to slow down.


Give yourself permission to relax.


Your inner voice is a force to be respected, revered, believed.


It will tell you what you need to do – listen to it and do as it says.



Yours, embracing autumn,

Floriane x

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