Your current profession... 

I am a Personal Trainer. I started my own fitness journey 5 years ago and I qualified as a level 3 PT two and a half years ago.

 Your dream a few years ago... 

When I first started this business 2 years ago, my dream was simply to be doing that I loved. I just wanted to wake up each day excited about what I do.

 What triggered you ? 

The trigger point for me came when I felt like I wasn't making a positive difference in the job I was in. I wanted to help people and make them realise that they can achieve anything they put their mind into. A little bit of self belief can go a long way.

 Tell us more about your qualities... 

I am a real person. I just love being around people, talking, learning about what it is that drives them to want to make the changes in their life. I'm extremely passionate about fitness as it changed my life for the better. I started kickbooxing 5 years ago just to improve my fitness and lose weight. Since then I've achieved my brown and white belt, I have competed at tournaments and have had 4 ring fights, currently training for my fifth.

I am disciplined but also have a family and friends and a social life. I'm well aware that balance is key to make sure your journey is a success. I think this make me quite relatable to my clients.

I am also incredibly stubborn ! evey time I've faced an issue that's knocked me back I've had a rethink and come back with a new plan.

 And about new qualities you're developing ... 

While I love the practical side of my job, I'm not great at the technical side (social media, advertising, etc) but I am working on that as I'm working with an amazing business coach who is an absolute inspiration. I would absolutely love to add my skills set and maybe do sports massage or something similar.

 What would you had like to hear at your beginnings ? 

I would have loved for someone to have told me at the beginning to be real, be me, and stick to what I love doing.

 Speak from the heart to someone who'd like to achieve his/her dream  

Passion is everything, don't ever let anyone try to change you to fit their expectations. Be you, do what you love doing, other people will see that and just want to be part of it. You'll find yourself surrounded by wonderful likeminded people as a result, sharing your journey together and it's just fantastic.

I'm all about team work and I truly believe that support is the key so surround yourself with those on the same mission as you. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, nobody should be on this journey  alone.

 What keeps you moving forward ? 

My beautiful children keep me going, they are my drive.