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This is the thing that makes our life soooo hard! Truly.

In a way or another we expect.

We expect because we believe in something.

We expect because we fear other people’s judgement.

We expect because we have had a lot of experiences.

Again, the relationships we have, the reality we experiment, it all reflects what we think. The thoughts we have.

Others are the mirror to our own heart.

Events are here to show you what you think of yourself.

How you react, how you feel is based on what you think, what value you hold dear, what story you keep writing.

Therapists, psychologists, counsellors they are here to give you a hand.

Healers, holistic practitioners, psychics, they are here to give you a hand.

Coaches, mentors, gurus, they are here to give you a hand.

So many people are offering their advices, their knowledge, their wisdom;

through books, youtube videos, coaching, training, sessions, workshops, posts, artworks, and more.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can choose.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can have the perfect opportunity for you to grow.

Open your mind to the possibility that everything is happening in your favour.

Because it is.

You are learning.

You are evolving.

That’s what we can expect for sure from life 😉

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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One of the thing that makes us start our self discovery journey is the eagerness to find our purpose. I have been pondering it.

Finding our purpose means more than that.

It means finding who we are, Finding what makes us unique. Finding out why we were born. Why did we have to be born if so many others are already doing and being what we do and are? What makes us special? What do we do better than others? What can make us happy? How can we help others? How can we Be more? Who are we supposed to become? What are we supposed to do? What is our place and role in the grand scheme of Life?

See, so many unanswered questions.

I am wondering which ones you already asked yourself, which ones are resonating with you, which ones you never thought of but now that I mention it…

And which ones I haven’t think of yet.

My recent questioning has been around our uniqueness. Or to put it simply, my uniqueness. Haha. I always ask those question to myself and try to answer them for myself first. Sometimes I get hubby involved, or my mum, they’re my two favourite people with whom I can philosophize.

I have no problems holding different, even opposite truths in my mind at the same time. I just need to find the logic that connects them. I genuinely can’t relax until I have done so. And trust me there a tons of surreal questions I ask myself, which means I tend to live in my mind more often than I should and the work for me is to ground my self in my body and reconnect to it as much as possible. Digression.

Part of me, slightly arrogant me, believes that I am unique and somewhat better than others. (Got to be honest)

Part of me genuinely believes that I am not better or worst than others, just another human being.

Part of me asks my subconscious if I truly believe more in one or the other.

Part of me just doesn’t care and goes on with her life.

Part of me thinks I should share this enlightening discovery with others.

Part of me finally came to the conclusion that I am both, unique and common. That my role can be whatever I fancy, the goal that makes me feel good is to be happy so as long as I allow life to be this way, as long as I makes choices that bring me there, as long as I do and am happy. Then I’m good.

I don’t know yet which form it can take. That’s everyday’s surprise.

But I know this is a lifeline I can trust, a belief I can hold, a path I can walk on.

How about you?

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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I wrote a book

I have been writing for years, but nothing made it to the final step of publishing.

This time it did.

I wrote about Mindfulness, I wrote about life, I wrote about what it means to be alive and live as a human beings fully present and aware of his abilities.

Over the years I have found that mindfulness and more precisely self awareness made everything feel better.

I gained clarity, I gained understanding, I gain energy and joy.

By being aware of my emotions, by shedding light on my patterns and reactions I really got the know myself.

This makes the whole difference.

You can do anything, you can feel anything, you can be anything, as long as you firmly stand grounded and feel connected to yourself it’s all good.

I have another book that has been collecting dust on my laptop for the last couple of years (is it? ) and I might very much publish it now.

The first time always is the hardest, then it’s just a matter of repeating it enough to master it.

I also want to write in French.

And to write book 2 of Mindfulness by Yourself.

I am buzzing ideas.

It’s funny how it works once you genuinely trust yourself and take that leap of faith.

Life feels so much lighter and funnier.

I highly recommend you try it.

With love,

Floriand x

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Sunday sunny day

I went on a walk earlier with my little one. She’s 10 months old and I carry her facing front so she can enjoy the view as much as I do.

I started walking barely looking at what was in front of me, lost in my thoughts. It happens a lot, and it happens very easily there always is something to think about, an unsolved problem, a yet to come question, you know the way it works.

Because the life I set for myself includes me mindfully showing the world to my little girl… well it means I kind of have to let go my relentless thinking and actually look at this bird, enjoy the view from the path, listen to the sound of the forest.

The first 10 seconds were hard. Then it became easier. I just ended up randomly stopping to let the birds sing again so we could hear them.

And I also ended up with a sleeping baby (but how I manage to put her to bed once back home will be a story for another time).

The actual thing I realise and you how much I love stating the obvious:

  • you have to do now the things that you want to be doing when your Life will be perfect, when your dreams will be true etc…

In my dream I want to live near a forest and go for walks to spot dears and rabbits. But If I don’t start now going on walks and enjoying the nature how will I know when I am ‘here’. If it was not a habit of mine then how could it be a habit now?

We keep waiting up for Life to unfold and dreams to come true.

We keep working on making things happen.

We keep allowing, letting go, rewiring, shifting thoughts, changing patterns.

We also have to Be now the version of ourselves we want to shine bright.

there are things within our abilities now than can be done.

We don’t have to wait for everything.

Some things take time to come into our worlds,

some things we take time to become.

There is a part of your that needs to be listened to.

There is a part of you that needs to be welcomed.

Most times when we resist in fear of what could happen if…

Looking those fears in the eye and truly feeling that You Are will lead you where you want to Be.

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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evening all

Here I am and I haven’t written anything for weeks. I feel very ashamed of myself.

There’s a part of me that still is judging me for not going through. for changing my mind, for lacking consistency.

And there’s this other part of that works her ass off to get my mind to change as I learn, to let go of what no longer serves me as soon as possible, to truly be in the moment and now what I need and honour that need.

There also is a part of me that knows when I am avoiding work (or things) because I am a little afraid, or ‘lazy’ (such a hard word, let’s call it non pro active). She knows that it is good for me to challenge myself and by doing things new, by learning and putting myself out there I will get the life I want to be in.

But first I have to Be that version of myself I actually so deeply want to be.

I’ve got to realise that I am already her.

There’s shadow work to do. Ancient history to release. Past patterns to let go of. Veils to unveil.

I am not a big fan of Healing. I find that you can spend your whole life healing if you wait until you are healed to do things. There also is a tendency to victimise ourselves.

But I have to admit. I haven’t found any other words to actually describe how you feel and what you do when you are healing. (I know I tend to overthink things but I can live with that)

So let’s call it healing. Let’s call it doing the inner work, the shadow work. Let’s use words that sometimes have lost their true meaning because of how often and how badly they are being used.

Let’s just connect to the intention behind. Let’s just agree to Be.

In the end we are all saying the same thing and all going through Life.

I find that we all have more in common than we think (shocking news to me truly).

We all are unique and no matter how many times I have read, heard or said that we are one and we are all the same. I actually get to feel the deep truth in that.

It’s always the more obvious that is last left to learn.

Enjoy a great evening,

to the pleasure to be typing on my keyboard again soon,

Floriane x

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What I picked up from my Challenge

So I have been running a Challenge Recharge as You Go on Instagram and Facebook for 6 days now. There’s only one day left.

As per usual I had a few days to catch up (I very rarely stay on top of challenges, not even mine hahaha)

But it was for the best. (Always is for the best)

Even if I didn’t do the proper exercises I still held the intention of being able to recharge as I go. (read more about it on my day 6 post on IG)

So anyway, today I did day 4,5 and 6 and it reallly felt good.

Today was about setting a new structure for myself, reparenting myself. Setting boundaries but also allowing new things too.

Here’s what I wrote:

  • when tired and want to do or say than extra nice thing. Don’t. Stay silent and still first. Then decide.
  • always choose #1 priority to do. and what inspires you the most. Then the rest.
  • make big list of all your projects.
  • Keep your pencils/paper/jigsaw handy and ready
  • Do less. Perform more. Impress less. Please less. Be more. Trust more. Nail it more.

I can be me. at any time. every time. It always is a good time for me to be me. I strive when I am close to my heart. I thrive when I let go of people’s judgement. I am me when I do as I feel.

It’s always about knowing yourself so deeply, so well, so intimately that you Know what to do as You Go.

That’s it.

On road for day 7 but really this is a major breakthrough.

Speak soon

Floriane x

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This week has been intense.

The whole household caught a cold (I won’t say baby started it first but I won’t say it didn’t either).

I realised how much I loved being sick just on my own and caring only for me, in fact having people caring for myself felt pretty normal at the time!

Now that I am the one caring for this other little being it’s a little less fun (although very rewarding etc… ).

Anyway I somehow (Time bends as I wish sometimes) managed to be inspired to work and do amazing progress in many projects I have.

Every single time I sat at my desk it felts like Monday. A good Monday. The Monday where you feel ready to kick ass, feel empowered and ready to take on the world you know. That kind of Monday.

It’s the first time I am happy to feel like it’s a Monday. Monday might become my new favourite day. As much as there is a favourite day because all days hold their own little perks and magic.

The thing is to feel it and get into the flow. Listening to what the Universe has to say that day, trusting yourself deeply and doing what feels innerly right.

If you are reading this and it’s July 1st 2021 know that tomorrow I am starting a 7 days challenge to learn how to help this process. It’s time to Recharge as We Go so we can be in that flow and stop resisting life and get in our own way.

Find more about it on Facebook and Instagram @happilymoving

Speak soon

Floriane x

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A little story

If you read me everyday you know by now that I am looking for peace and serenity at all time. In fact, I am currently working on letting go of some stress left in my life.

One of the things I want to do is being able to recharge myself as I go. Without waiting for complete exhaustion or a certain time and day of the week I want to invite more ease into my life. To be honest with you guys, my life already is pretty easy, like really I am so happy with it. But I know there is more available for me. I know I can flow more, Be more, enjoy more.

As I say those words I realise how it could easily be misunderstood. I don’t mean having more with a greedy energy. I mean allowing more, accepting more, being more.

It always comes down to self confidence and beliefs.

I am so ready to believe that life gets to be even easier than that, even better than what I thought was possible.

Reality only is what we believe it is.

I have undertaken huger inner work to completely shift my beliefs and drop the scarcity energy I had been living in.

Abundance. Peace. Flow. Joy.

The more I hold tight in the hope it will go as planned, the more likely I am to just fall down head first and hurt my pride.

Time for a new chapter of release and fun.

It only is the beginning.

It always is a beginning, no matter the time or what we do.

There never is two things alike.

Speak soon

F xx

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Being in the flow, riding the wave, having fun, being joyful, seeing the world with innocent eyes: those are things that I have always felt like being the way for me to live my life.

I have worked around my beliefs, turned them around, shifted my perceptions, released old fears and struggles

I have invited more love, more joy, more fun, more ease, more abundance into my life,

I have let go of all that no longer served me,

I have smoothly added more discipline into my life to help me be in the flow,

And yet when my mum told me ‘remember life is fun, you don’t have to do anything about it just let joy be’

I kind of fell apart.

You know what they say: If you think you have reached enlightenment go spend a week with your family.

So here’s the thing.

My mum is the best, I couldn’t have done all that I have accomplished, all this inner work, this discovery of myself if it weren’t for her example of doing the inner work and looking for a way to live life at its fullest.

So definitely not a triggering relationship here.

But yet, when someone point out one of the things you know you have deliberately left aside because you were working on another skill set it kind of suck. It doesn’t feel good, at all. It forced me to look deep at myself and really shed light on the decisions I had made (subconsciously and consciously).

Once I did that,

I felt good again.

I needed that time, I needed that verification to make sure I was actually walking my path.

The life that is unfolding before me? I have chosen it.

It’s all that I have ever wanted. And more.

Whenever I am reaching another level (don’t like the ideas of levels but didn’t find another way to explain my thoughts) I have to let some of my strength regress KNOWING that I can trust myself to keep them strong enough if I want to spend some energy developing and learning new skills.

Shifting beliefs is hard work.

It takes all of you to make that commitment.

SO it that happens to you, KNOW that you are strong enough. Everything you have already worked on is granted.


You can’t mess it up.

You can’t go backwards.

You can’t forget it.

It is you.

Breathe in, and take a new step forward.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Today’s a good day

Yesterday was Father’s day. Our first one since having our little baby girl. We celebrated with a lovely Continental Breakfast.

We had it for supper. Because it arrived late.

Could have bothered me, but I love doing things different and having breakfast to end the day is really nice.

It was a great day, one of those when I feel like having so much time. We did jigsaw, we worked out a little, I picked up a kitchen island from a lovely lady via Facebook Market (I love Facebook Market) , we played with the baby, I had a nap, we watched a movie… See? One of those days.

Today’s Monday and really I don’t see why it can’t feel the same way.

I somehow have to fight the urge of stressing out for everything. I see it’s a pattern and a belief I hold.

I believe there is always something else to do. I believe it should be happening a different way or be done differently. I hold the space (and the energy) that I do not have time (Check my Time Turner deck for inner work on Time it’s fabulous).

And those are things that I choose to believe in. Yes I might have been taught that. Yes I might have taken the habits or copied what I saw but eventually they are decisions. Meaning I can choose different.

It sounds silly but I can choose to see everything as a miracle. I can choose to believe everything works in my favour. I can choose to believe I’d have time for exactly what I need.

Yes I will have to learn to prioritise different.

I will have to learn to trust people around me.

I will have to learn that my first plan isn’t always the best one (Ouch)

And I am willing to do that.

Because I know how good I feel when I just follow the flow. Taking actions one step at a time.

Trusting some kind of Universe, God, Nature, Life, Angels if that helps.

Eventually I like to feel good and I will do what it takes and choose that over anything anytime.

How about you?