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Balance in everything

Morning thoughts:

The hardest thing isn’t to keep your balance. The hardest thing is to know where your balance is.

And to find out you have to try.

You may know the theory and heard of all made recipes before but you won’t know until you try it.

You have to try and fail.

Try, feel it and fail.

Try, know where to look at and fail.

Try and just fail again.

Try and keep your balance for longer.

Try again.

Lose it and find it again. Keep it and then loose it.

Losing your balance isn’t a shame.

It’s actually part of balancing.

The only thing that makes a difference is that when you’re really good at being balanced, you don’t let yourself lose your balance for too long, you are able to catch yourself in time and get back to it instantly.

So, keep seeking for your balance. Keep trying. And know that with every fail you come a little closer to your goal.

You will get to know your unbalance so well so you can choose not to get there.

Balance in everything <3

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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Finding, learning, growing

I really don’t know if anyone experienced the same thing.

I started my business 5 years ago.

I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go with it.

It became more and more precise with the years as I learned about myself.

I naturally get excited about new discoveries, every time I would find something and think of it as ‘this is it!!!’

Every time I thought oooh this is what my business is meant to be.

same with my life, weirdly I have much more clarity regarding my love life.

Now I am having yet another eureka moment and I do feel like ‘yes this is it!!’ but I know deep in my heart that this is just the clearer step I can see.

It is meant to evolve and grow and change because my dream is to build a business based on my life and what I have learned.

For that I need to stop acting shy and genuinely own it, I need to show up and myself. Great words.

And of very little use if you don’t know deep in your heart who You Are.

So all steps come together, you start with a first step, then a second, then a third and then you go back to your first step and you keep dancing around until it doesn’t make any sense to follow a straight direction.

Do all steps at once AND one at a time.

Dance for fun AND have some rest

Finally Find IT AND keep learning and growing.

There is no need to look for the perfect answer because the one that exists only exists in That moment.

Note to myself: if in doubt just have fun –


Floriane x

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I wrote a book

I have been writing for years, but nothing made it to the final step of publishing.

This time it did.

I wrote about Mindfulness, I wrote about life, I wrote about what it means to be alive and live as a human beings fully present and aware of his abilities.

Over the years I have found that mindfulness and more precisely self awareness made everything feel better.

I gained clarity, I gained understanding, I gain energy and joy.

By being aware of my emotions, by shedding light on my patterns and reactions I really got the know myself.

This makes the whole difference.

You can do anything, you can feel anything, you can be anything, as long as you firmly stand grounded and feel connected to yourself it’s all good.

I have another book that has been collecting dust on my laptop for the last couple of years (is it? ) and I might very much publish it now.

The first time always is the hardest, then it’s just a matter of repeating it enough to master it.

I also want to write in French.

And to write book 2 of Mindfulness by Yourself.

I am buzzing ideas.

It’s funny how it works once you genuinely trust yourself and take that leap of faith.

Life feels so much lighter and funnier.

I highly recommend you try it.

With love,

Floriand x

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What I picked up from my Challenge

So I have been running a Challenge Recharge as You Go on Instagram and Facebook for 6 days now. There’s only one day left.

As per usual I had a few days to catch up (I very rarely stay on top of challenges, not even mine hahaha)

But it was for the best. (Always is for the best)

Even if I didn’t do the proper exercises I still held the intention of being able to recharge as I go. (read more about it on my day 6 post on IG)

So anyway, today I did day 4,5 and 6 and it reallly felt good.

Today was about setting a new structure for myself, reparenting myself. Setting boundaries but also allowing new things too.

Here’s what I wrote:

  • when tired and want to do or say than extra nice thing. Don’t. Stay silent and still first. Then decide.
  • always choose #1 priority to do. and what inspires you the most. Then the rest.
  • make big list of all your projects.
  • Keep your pencils/paper/jigsaw handy and ready
  • Do less. Perform more. Impress less. Please less. Be more. Trust more. Nail it more.

I can be me. at any time. every time. It always is a good time for me to be me. I strive when I am close to my heart. I thrive when I let go of people’s judgement. I am me when I do as I feel.

It’s always about knowing yourself so deeply, so well, so intimately that you Know what to do as You Go.

That’s it.

On road for day 7 but really this is a major breakthrough.

Speak soon

Floriane x

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Being in the flow, riding the wave, having fun, being joyful, seeing the world with innocent eyes: those are things that I have always felt like being the way for me to live my life.

I have worked around my beliefs, turned them around, shifted my perceptions, released old fears and struggles

I have invited more love, more joy, more fun, more ease, more abundance into my life,

I have let go of all that no longer served me,

I have smoothly added more discipline into my life to help me be in the flow,

And yet when my mum told me ‘remember life is fun, you don’t have to do anything about it just let joy be’

I kind of fell apart.

You know what they say: If you think you have reached enlightenment go spend a week with your family.

So here’s the thing.

My mum is the best, I couldn’t have done all that I have accomplished, all this inner work, this discovery of myself if it weren’t for her example of doing the inner work and looking for a way to live life at its fullest.

So definitely not a triggering relationship here.

But yet, when someone point out one of the things you know you have deliberately left aside because you were working on another skill set it kind of suck. It doesn’t feel good, at all. It forced me to look deep at myself and really shed light on the decisions I had made (subconsciously and consciously).

Once I did that,

I felt good again.

I needed that time, I needed that verification to make sure I was actually walking my path.

The life that is unfolding before me? I have chosen it.

It’s all that I have ever wanted. And more.

Whenever I am reaching another level (don’t like the ideas of levels but didn’t find another way to explain my thoughts) I have to let some of my strength regress KNOWING that I can trust myself to keep them strong enough if I want to spend some energy developing and learning new skills.

Shifting beliefs is hard work.

It takes all of you to make that commitment.

SO it that happens to you, KNOW that you are strong enough. Everything you have already worked on is granted.


You can’t mess it up.

You can’t go backwards.

You can’t forget it.

It is you.

Breathe in, and take a new step forward.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Going with the flow VS controlling: what’s best?

For those only looking for the answer I’ll show mercy and give it to you: both.



How can you be in the flow and be in control at the SAME time???

Glad you asked.

There is a matter of tension, You have to find the exact right amount of tension that will hold yourself straight and help you BE in the flow.

Sometimes you can dissolve yourself in the flow and lose every sense of matter.

Sometimes you have to remain yourself and truly BE while in the flow. Keep your substance and move.

That’s the kind of control that can go with the flow.

It’s the kind of control that help you pull a sail up, help you swim, hold your kite and so on.

To play with much bigger elements we have to be fully present. Fully BE.

The Universe for one is a much bigger element. So is life.

And we are true force of Nature whenever we flow.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Marathon, discipline and other life tips

I’m 30 this year and everybody around me (me included) seems to be pregnant or have children already (or dogs, cats, plants anything that requires proper maintenance).

Years ago (2008-2010) I trained myself and disciplined my mind like never before. I qualified to the France championship for 15-16 years old teens. I passed my baccalaureat (with honours). I ranked 18th and 6th out of 3000 ish on two of the selective exams I passed for physio schools. Less to say I was disciplined. I was focused. I breathed and lived for my goals. I remember one of my teacher saying: it’s a marathon. Manage your effort.

Then I fell down another rabbit hole. After so much discipline and hard work I needed rest, fun, laughter and to take it easy! For the following 10 years I spent time getting to know myself better, making peace with imperfection, learning how to follow the flow. I really intended to realise dreams the easy way. I eased and let go of so many beliefs, tensions and needs. I shifted my perceptions. I owned who I was more and more. I (FINALLY) found out what goals were making me genuinely happy.

And then in 2020 I had my baby. I still was pursuing my dream of growing my own business. I made a final effort: making peace with hard work. After all those years that’s what it came down to: knowing what to fight for, what to put energy in and how to do it.

I am proud to day now I know. At least I know better. In a few years I will probably know even more.

The easy way does not mean not making effort. There is grace is making efforts. There is beauty in hard work. There is balance in discipline.

  • Find a dream that really is yours. Let your inner self speak!
  • Know yourself, know what works for you, know your current limits, know what makes you feel good.
  • Then get ready for hard training.

My mum used a beautiful metaphor: if you ever want to windsurf, you’ve got to pull your sail up first. And that requires tension, a lot of it!

In short, again nothing is ever completely bad or good.

Balance discipline and hard work with rest and fun.

Take it easy, take care of yourself and enjoy feeling the power and strength in your body, your mind and your soul.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Focus, commitment and sheer will

That sentence stuck with me ever since I watched John Wick. It’s Sunday night and I am holding the promise I made to myself to write 5 days a week, one day for the other.

It both feels really good to prove myself how worthy of my own word I am, and difficult not to just get in my pyjamas and slip in oblivion.

I have recently realised what those 3 words mean. Really.

I have always been the good student, good daughter, good practitioner, making effort and working hard.

Unfortunately I was purposeless at that time and all those effort drained me.

Then I needed to take things easy, let go of the need to be perfect, and learn how to trust my own abilities. To me it very much felt like giving in to mediocrity… (Although it’s not). It took me years.

And I have finally completed the circle. I am back to square one ready to focus, commit and willing to do the work.

I have made my peace with the idea of effort.

I know now how it feels to have a purpose.

I have learn how to keep the balance.

And above all I know how to trust myself. Unconditionally.

Focus. Commitment. Sheer will.

They are not taking any toll on my anymore.

I choose them.

And it feels good, uplifting and amazing to know that I have in me a self-regulation system.

I don’t have to second guess myself, I don’t have to follow a schedule, I don’t have to check on myself.

This state of utter freedom and trust really brings out the peace, serenity and joy that life has to offer.

A new week is starting. And life is good.

Speak soon,

F xx