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Another meaning

Not long ago I had an epiphany.

I really started to feel what it means to let go of something consciously.

You are not holding it back trying to forget about it. You are not avoiding the feeling. You are not dwelling on it either. It’s something else.

So much has been written about it already but again you have to see (and feel) for yourself to really get it.

How to hijack it? How to learn it already? How to reach that supposed next level?

It seems like we are always in need of progressing, evolving (which is great) at hyperspeed (which is great too). But what if trying too hard and constantly looking for more or faster becomes a flaw? What if the process itself of becoming ourselves, grounding ourselves, living better leads us to more stress instead of making our life easier?

Feeling good and happy is what most of us are looking for isn’t it?

How do we not forget that in our search for embodying so much goodness?

Answer lies most likely in the present moment. Again.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Be present.

Be here,

Everything you are looking for is already here.

Everything you long for is already here.

Look at your goals and dreams and thank them for lighting your path and giving your directions.

Thank yourself, your body, your mind and your heart for reminding you of what is important at each moment.

The now. Just the Now.

Our life is a succession of Now.

Aim for a future.

Strengthen your arm.

And Fire away trusting that Now is exactly what you need.

You do not have to do anything else but living the Now.

You only have to make a decision Now. To smile Now. To feel good Now.

Build a happy life by feeling good Now. It’s the only way to look back and see the succession of Happy Nows.

So the answer is in you.

Let go not because you want to let go (which you want of course but your intention isn’t there) but because it’s no longer a part of you. It is obvious to you that you do not need it anymore.

How to get there????

Find this mushin place, this no mind place.

Find it in meditation. Find it in breathing. Find it in mindful moment. Find it in happy moment. Find it in sad moment. Find it outside. Find it inside. Find it exercising. Find it cooking. Find it falling asleep. Find it waking up.

Find your innner peace. Feel it. Find it as many times as you need and want.

Make a habit of being in this no mind state.

Only then can you feel and see things as they are. Just things.

Only then can you detach yourself from your emotional reaction.

Only then can you decide in peace.

Only then can you build a serene life.

One moment at a time <3

Speak soon

Floriane x

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Sunday sunny day

I went on a walk earlier with my little one. She’s 10 months old and I carry her facing front so she can enjoy the view as much as I do.

I started walking barely looking at what was in front of me, lost in my thoughts. It happens a lot, and it happens very easily there always is something to think about, an unsolved problem, a yet to come question, you know the way it works.

Because the life I set for myself includes me mindfully showing the world to my little girl… well it means I kind of have to let go my relentless thinking and actually look at this bird, enjoy the view from the path, listen to the sound of the forest.

The first 10 seconds were hard. Then it became easier. I just ended up randomly stopping to let the birds sing again so we could hear them.

And I also ended up with a sleeping baby (but how I manage to put her to bed once back home will be a story for another time).

The actual thing I realise and you how much I love stating the obvious:

  • you have to do now the things that you want to be doing when your Life will be perfect, when your dreams will be true etc…

In my dream I want to live near a forest and go for walks to spot dears and rabbits. But If I don’t start now going on walks and enjoying the nature how will I know when I am ‘here’. If it was not a habit of mine then how could it be a habit now?

We keep waiting up for Life to unfold and dreams to come true.

We keep working on making things happen.

We keep allowing, letting go, rewiring, shifting thoughts, changing patterns.

We also have to Be now the version of ourselves we want to shine bright.

there are things within our abilities now than can be done.

We don’t have to wait for everything.

Some things take time to come into our worlds,

some things we take time to become.

There is a part of your that needs to be listened to.

There is a part of you that needs to be welcomed.

Most times when we resist in fear of what could happen if…

Looking those fears in the eye and truly feeling that You Are will lead you where you want to Be.

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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Going with the flow VS controlling: what’s best?

For those only looking for the answer I’ll show mercy and give it to you: both.



How can you be in the flow and be in control at the SAME time???

Glad you asked.

There is a matter of tension, You have to find the exact right amount of tension that will hold yourself straight and help you BE in the flow.

Sometimes you can dissolve yourself in the flow and lose every sense of matter.

Sometimes you have to remain yourself and truly BE while in the flow. Keep your substance and move.

That’s the kind of control that can go with the flow.

It’s the kind of control that help you pull a sail up, help you swim, hold your kite and so on.

To play with much bigger elements we have to be fully present. Fully BE.

The Universe for one is a much bigger element. So is life.

And we are true force of Nature whenever we flow.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Imperceptible shift

My inner work has recently been entirely about this tiny little details.

After years of raising my consciousness, being mindful more and more every day I am now able to distinguish the rise of an emotion.

Now the work is to decide wether or not I chosse (actively choose) how to react to said emotion.

When anger, frustration or rage hit it’s very hard for me to breathe deeply and remain conscious and calm. Serenity fails me and I am back to destroying and avenging my name. Quite the drama queen. I know.

But I take my chances and share honestly my inner process because I know I am not alone. You dear reader, might be one that feel me.

So, anyway.

There is a moment (usually a blink of an eye) where I have to decide. And believe me the urge of unleashing this emotional tsunami is strong and prevails more often than it should.

In this second, with practice, I am starting to see the cross paths.

With practice (and so much sheer will) I can slow down long enough and come back to what really matters. I can come back to facts (that’s what works for me) and with effort let go of this destructive energy. I refocus my attention and manage to say intelligible words.

Are you with me?

It doesn’t mean I am holding back. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be angry. It means I can choose.

Sometimes it is good for me to unleash my inner death goddess. Sometimes it is just right for me to say something constructive and build a bridge.

I live to pick my fight and choose willingly what to do with my energy (much like time management if you ask me).


Reach my higher self.

Bear in mind who I am, who I am deeply.

Act accordingly.

All of that in less than a second.

I can tell you, bringing all my awareness to how my energy is being spent has been hugely insightful. I changed my life, and it’s only the beginning.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Feminine and Masculine Energy

It always feels (to me) like there is too much of one or the other but hardly a balance between them.

Feminine feels like respecting my boundaries, giving myself time (and some slack), doing things just for fun, taking care of my body, or my mind or my soul or all of the above.

Masculine energy feels like chasing my dreams, discipline, exercising, doings things being efficient.

Weirdly though I don’t think both energy are so different.

Feminine energy also exists when I exercise, do things, am discipline. There is efficiency in following the flow instead of being too cerebral.

Same goes for Masculine energy of course. It exists when I respect myself enough, when I say stop, when I really enjoy myself and go for it.

It is again the intention behind what we do that matters. Everything can be feminine or masculine depending on how you do it, why you do it.

The balance I seek (maybe that we seek) isn’t that much about balancing specific activities. Rather it’s about the energy we welcome in our selves to do things. During the day, during the year, during your life alternating between soft and hard, between water and fire, between rest and hustle, between what we call feminine and masculine energy. That’s all.

Once again it has to come from you.

Make your life reflects who you are.

Don’t control the outcome, instead look at what’s within.

What your inner self needs usually is right and without overthinking you will soon find yourself with a good balance.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Marathon, discipline and other life tips

I’m 30 this year and everybody around me (me included) seems to be pregnant or have children already (or dogs, cats, plants anything that requires proper maintenance).

Years ago (2008-2010) I trained myself and disciplined my mind like never before. I qualified to the France championship for 15-16 years old teens. I passed my baccalaureat (with honours). I ranked 18th and 6th out of 3000 ish on two of the selective exams I passed for physio schools. Less to say I was disciplined. I was focused. I breathed and lived for my goals. I remember one of my teacher saying: it’s a marathon. Manage your effort.

Then I fell down another rabbit hole. After so much discipline and hard work I needed rest, fun, laughter and to take it easy! For the following 10 years I spent time getting to know myself better, making peace with imperfection, learning how to follow the flow. I really intended to realise dreams the easy way. I eased and let go of so many beliefs, tensions and needs. I shifted my perceptions. I owned who I was more and more. I (FINALLY) found out what goals were making me genuinely happy.

And then in 2020 I had my baby. I still was pursuing my dream of growing my own business. I made a final effort: making peace with hard work. After all those years that’s what it came down to: knowing what to fight for, what to put energy in and how to do it.

I am proud to day now I know. At least I know better. In a few years I will probably know even more.

The easy way does not mean not making effort. There is grace is making efforts. There is beauty in hard work. There is balance in discipline.

  • Find a dream that really is yours. Let your inner self speak!
  • Know yourself, know what works for you, know your current limits, know what makes you feel good.
  • Then get ready for hard training.

My mum used a beautiful metaphor: if you ever want to windsurf, you’ve got to pull your sail up first. And that requires tension, a lot of it!

In short, again nothing is ever completely bad or good.

Balance discipline and hard work with rest and fun.

Take it easy, take care of yourself and enjoy feeling the power and strength in your body, your mind and your soul.

Speak soon,

F xx