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This is the thing that makes our life soooo hard! Truly.

In a way or another we expect.

We expect because we believe in something.

We expect because we fear other people’s judgement.

We expect because we have had a lot of experiences.

Again, the relationships we have, the reality we experiment, it all reflects what we think. The thoughts we have.

Others are the mirror to our own heart.

Events are here to show you what you think of yourself.

How you react, how you feel is based on what you think, what value you hold dear, what story you keep writing.

Therapists, psychologists, counsellors they are here to give you a hand.

Healers, holistic practitioners, psychics, they are here to give you a hand.

Coaches, mentors, gurus, they are here to give you a hand.

So many people are offering their advices, their knowledge, their wisdom;

through books, youtube videos, coaching, training, sessions, workshops, posts, artworks, and more.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can choose.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can have the perfect opportunity for you to grow.

Open your mind to the possibility that everything is happening in your favour.

Because it is.

You are learning.

You are evolving.

That’s what we can expect for sure from life 😉

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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The perks of being unwell

I believe I already wrote about it but it still amazes me so here I come again.

I’ve had an amazing week last week when my dad came to visit. We used to be like dogs and cats and always (lovingly) arguing with each other. It got to the point where I became tired of it. I just wanted something else and nothing I could tell my dad seemed to change anything. Most probably because I kept telling him all the wrong things he was doing and how I was so unlike him.

Recently we shifted and changed that story.

I keep being annoyed at him and telling him when he’s not doing something right #virgomode but I don’t cling onto it. And it changes everything. I can laugh at my overcontrolling self. I can laugh when he is mocking me. He sees when I am right, and because a father/daugther love can’t be broken he keeps accepting my ever growing changing self and I accept that he is not indeed the perfect dad I wanted him to be and it’s perfectly fine as it is.

That being said, I managed to catch a cold when he was visiting and I did my best to take care of myself and rest to avoid being too sick so I guess I just avoided the worst.

I shared on Instagram in my stories about my love/hate relationship with sickness. I love it because it helps me ground myself , rest, and focus on what’s really important. I hate it because it doesn’t feel good at all, I have to slow down way too much and everything becomes unbearable.

Talking about mild sickness here like a cold, sore throat etc..

In those moment, I always reach a point where I get to decide whether or not my life is good.

And every time. Every single time. I always finally decide that Yes, my life is indeed very good.

It’s a shame I have to wait to be sick to feel this truth so intensively. I can feel it every other day too, but the truth of it when I am unwell is different, it makes me feel different. I just see the world with different (very tired?) eyes.

Both stories to say that indeed feeling good, being happy, having a good life is a choice we make every second.

It’s not always easy and sometimes the only thing that feels like feeling good is dwelling on things forever and that’s ok.

There will be a time when you feel like you’re ready to get over it.

The more you become aware of those sensations and feelings. The more you practice consciously choosing. The more you will be able to choose different sooner.

That’s it.

Choose now, or later, it’s all good.

The story is yours.

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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The body

The body reacts to what’s inside.

Because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not here.

Because we can’t feel it doesn’t mean it can’t hurt.

We can become very good at numbing ourselves from our feelings. We avoid our emotions. We don’t want to feel the pain, whether physical or mental or emotional.

The body can take it for so long, until it can’t anymore.

And then we get sick. It can be as simple as a cold, or something more serious. In can be anything in between. It will probably look unrelated. It will probably piss ourselves off because it will slow us down.

The one thing we should have done long ago will now be on the table.

Slowing down.

Looking inward.

Looking for what makes us feel bad.

Looking for things we didn’t say.

Looking for things we didn’t forgive.

Looking for things we are still holding on to.

Looking for tension and inflexibility.

Looking for the inner little child.

Looking for the patterns repeating themselves.

Looking for the story we keep telling even though we don’t like it.

Looking finally for things we wish we could change.

And then having the courage to take one step in that direction.

This makes us feel a little better already.

This is one path to recover.

Not necessarily the easiest or fastest, but might be my favourite nonetheless.

Over the years I have learned to understand my sore throat, my sinusitis, my cold and flu. Eczema is on I still don’t quite get. Scoliosis another.

What are the things you’ve learned thanks to your body? Deeply, inwardly I mean. Not just to rest and take care.

Lessons like standing up and speaking for ourselves, protecting and honouring our needs, showing up with more authenticity….

Speak soon

Floriane x

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I am peaceful

Peace really is dear to my heart.

Whenever things don’t turn the way I wanted, or I do something wrong, or I judge myself so hard for not doing something I remember those words.

I am peaceful.

This is who I want to be. This is on my vision board. The woman I want to become is strong, smart, efficient, kind, peaceful, joyful, free, happy, centred, aligned, balanced, in love, loved, grateful, powerful, passionate and content.

Peaceful and serenity are a whole vibe.

So I start by being this version of me now.

Because who I want to become already is.

This is who I am.

This is a version of me I have to allow to exist.

It is only a matter of letting go of fears and doubts.

Everything I want is already here.

I already am peaceful.

How about yoou?


Floriane x

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Self confidence

I have already written and spoken so many times about self confidence. (Like always end up speaking about it)

But truth is it ALWAYS comes down to that.

TRUST yourself

BELIEVE you can do it

IMAGINE it works in your favour

KNOW you are enough

OWN your power

GET exactly what you wanted and even better

CHOOSE as many times as you’d like until it’s right for you

TAKE full responsibility for your life

LET GO of everything that no long serves you

TRUST even deeper, more and more every day you are so worth it.

Woman, Men, Me, You we all are in the same boat when it comes to self confidence.

It’s time for all of us to wake up and get that right.

We are all amazing.

We are all unique.

We all deserve to have what we want.

If someone else has something you wanted doesn’t mean you can’t get it, we all play in our own lane.

More and better doesn’t involve lack and worse.

Shine bright little star, for you don’t know who you’re going to inspire and whose day you are going to brighten.

Happy weekend

F xx

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Nothing like love

Just a quick note this morning:

It always comes down to love.

It always. Comes. Down. to. Love

Self-care? Love

Self regulation? Love

Boundaries? Love

Communication? Love

Challenge? Love

Opening up? Love

Speaking up? Love

Owning it? Love

Saying yes? Love

Saying no? Love

Rest? Love

Intensity? Love

Everything? Love

Nothing? Love

See the pattern here? 🙂

By opposition, if you’re not acting from love you are acting from fear. And that doesn’t lead anywhere near our happy place.

Choose you. Choose happy feelings. Choose again. You can choose as many times as you need to/ would like to/ want to.

Speak soon

F xx

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Today’s a good day

Yesterday was Father’s day. Our first one since having our little baby girl. We celebrated with a lovely Continental Breakfast.

We had it for supper. Because it arrived late.

Could have bothered me, but I love doing things different and having breakfast to end the day is really nice.

It was a great day, one of those when I feel like having so much time. We did jigsaw, we worked out a little, I picked up a kitchen island from a lovely lady via Facebook Market (I love Facebook Market) , we played with the baby, I had a nap, we watched a movie… See? One of those days.

Today’s Monday and really I don’t see why it can’t feel the same way.

I somehow have to fight the urge of stressing out for everything. I see it’s a pattern and a belief I hold.

I believe there is always something else to do. I believe it should be happening a different way or be done differently. I hold the space (and the energy) that I do not have time (Check my Time Turner deck for inner work on Time it’s fabulous).

And those are things that I choose to believe in. Yes I might have been taught that. Yes I might have taken the habits or copied what I saw but eventually they are decisions. Meaning I can choose different.

It sounds silly but I can choose to see everything as a miracle. I can choose to believe everything works in my favour. I can choose to believe I’d have time for exactly what I need.

Yes I will have to learn to prioritise different.

I will have to learn to trust people around me.

I will have to learn that my first plan isn’t always the best one (Ouch)

And I am willing to do that.

Because I know how good I feel when I just follow the flow. Taking actions one step at a time.

Trusting some kind of Universe, God, Nature, Life, Angels if that helps.

Eventually I like to feel good and I will do what it takes and choose that over anything anytime.

How about you?



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Feminine and Masculine Energy

It always feels (to me) like there is too much of one or the other but hardly a balance between them.

Feminine feels like respecting my boundaries, giving myself time (and some slack), doing things just for fun, taking care of my body, or my mind or my soul or all of the above.

Masculine energy feels like chasing my dreams, discipline, exercising, doings things being efficient.

Weirdly though I don’t think both energy are so different.

Feminine energy also exists when I exercise, do things, am discipline. There is efficiency in following the flow instead of being too cerebral.

Same goes for Masculine energy of course. It exists when I respect myself enough, when I say stop, when I really enjoy myself and go for it.

It is again the intention behind what we do that matters. Everything can be feminine or masculine depending on how you do it, why you do it.

The balance I seek (maybe that we seek) isn’t that much about balancing specific activities. Rather it’s about the energy we welcome in our selves to do things. During the day, during the year, during your life alternating between soft and hard, between water and fire, between rest and hustle, between what we call feminine and masculine energy. That’s all.

Once again it has to come from you.

Make your life reflects who you are.

Don’t control the outcome, instead look at what’s within.

What your inner self needs usually is right and without overthinking you will soon find yourself with a good balance.

Speak soon,

F xx

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Specific entity VS concepts

I talked about believing in our luck, in being blessed, in God or Life or the Universe.

It had me reflect.

Do I believe in something specific? If yes what is it?

I chose to be christened when I was 10 (mostly because I wanted a Godmother but we’re not judging).

I never actually think about God as such, I do not really pray or anything.

But I believe in the principles:

  • love
  • kindness
  • hope
  • solidarity
  • family

I also resonate with the Buddhism philosophy but again I am not particularly meditating or paying attention to the means. However i believe in those words:

  • enlightenment
  • death and rebirth
  • emptiness
  • non-suffering

I love everything that is connected to the Tao, it might be the philosophy that connects it all:

  • flow
  • peace
  • non-thinking
  • presence
  • yin and yang
  • detachment from duality
  • wholeness
  • oneness

I think it pretty much sums up what my belief system revolves around.

From there I have built my own routine, my own judgement, my own foundations.

What do you believe in? Can you name it or is it like me a succession of ideas, a little bit of everything?

F xx

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Vulnerability is key

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and soft that’s when the magic happens.

We started the weekend with a trip to the A&E on a Friday night, little baby fell off the bed (officially that kind of parents :/ ) and it took 4h to get her checked on and fortunately everything was fine. Less to say, on Saturday morning we woke up like zombies. Bodies and Minds were MIA. I was exhausted and so were hubby and baby. A long weekend of being all grumpy awaiting us.

And there out of nowhere hubby suggested we went on a road trip and have picnic at the beach. Transformed our day.

The next day was much better and yet to make it even better, hubby suggested we had a cheat meal (he’s very much into watching his diet at the moment #athletelifeforever) and the day got even better.

Somehow along the way magic happened. Things that never happens, happened. Shifts occurred.

I usually quite like my life, I’m very please with it, it makes me happy. a lot. and often.

But sometimes things get hard, you don’t really know why. Then you can choose to fight or to surrender. Both are really good options and absolutely worth it. just need to know what mood you are in and what’s your energy level like.

  • My mum had me watch a Brene Brown talk not so long ago on vulnerability. Being vulnerable is the new strong. Let yourself be you, entirely and completely you. There is magic is being vulnerable.
  • One of my fave money coach one day said: Do the work and then let grace finish it. Grace is what happens when it shouldn’t have happened but it happened anyway.
  • Here, I don’t hold any kind of particular religious beliefs but I like this idea of allowing some kind of magic t help things happen. It release the pressure off my shoulder. It’s not only up to me: luck, magic, grace, God, the Universe, whatever you call it, has my back to.

We all know how much good fighting for something can bring.

But we all stare at surrender as if it was going to bring us bad luck.

Being vulnerable, surrender to life, can bring goof things too.

Just know that you have a choice.

Start considering yourself lucky, magic, having grace, being supported by God, the Universe, whatever you believe in.

If we are not to know why we are here on Earth, we might as well enjoy the ride.

Speak soon,

F xx