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This is the thing that makes our life soooo hard! Truly.

In a way or another we expect.

We expect because we believe in something.

We expect because we fear other people’s judgement.

We expect because we have had a lot of experiences.

Again, the relationships we have, the reality we experiment, it all reflects what we think. The thoughts we have.

Others are the mirror to our own heart.

Events are here to show you what you think of yourself.

How you react, how you feel is based on what you think, what value you hold dear, what story you keep writing.

Therapists, psychologists, counsellors they are here to give you a hand.

Healers, holistic practitioners, psychics, they are here to give you a hand.

Coaches, mentors, gurus, they are here to give you a hand.

So many people are offering their advices, their knowledge, their wisdom;

through books, youtube videos, coaching, training, sessions, workshops, posts, artworks, and more.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can choose.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can have the perfect opportunity for you to grow.

Open your mind to the possibility that everything is happening in your favour.

Because it is.

You are learning.

You are evolving.

That’s what we can expect for sure from life 😉

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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Balance in everything

Morning thoughts:

The hardest thing isn’t to keep your balance. The hardest thing is to know where your balance is.

And to find out you have to try.

You may know the theory and heard of all made recipes before but you won’t know until you try it.

You have to try and fail.

Try, feel it and fail.

Try, know where to look at and fail.

Try and just fail again.

Try and keep your balance for longer.

Try again.

Lose it and find it again. Keep it and then loose it.

Losing your balance isn’t a shame.

It’s actually part of balancing.

The only thing that makes a difference is that when you’re really good at being balanced, you don’t let yourself lose your balance for too long, you are able to catch yourself in time and get back to it instantly.

So, keep seeking for your balance. Keep trying. And know that with every fail you come a little closer to your goal.

You will get to know your unbalance so well so you can choose not to get there.

Balance in everything <3

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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Finding, learning, growing

I really don’t know if anyone experienced the same thing.

I started my business 5 years ago.

I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go with it.

It became more and more precise with the years as I learned about myself.

I naturally get excited about new discoveries, every time I would find something and think of it as ‘this is it!!!’

Every time I thought oooh this is what my business is meant to be.

same with my life, weirdly I have much more clarity regarding my love life.

Now I am having yet another eureka moment and I do feel like ‘yes this is it!!’ but I know deep in my heart that this is just the clearer step I can see.

It is meant to evolve and grow and change because my dream is to build a business based on my life and what I have learned.

For that I need to stop acting shy and genuinely own it, I need to show up and myself. Great words.

And of very little use if you don’t know deep in your heart who You Are.

So all steps come together, you start with a first step, then a second, then a third and then you go back to your first step and you keep dancing around until it doesn’t make any sense to follow a straight direction.

Do all steps at once AND one at a time.

Dance for fun AND have some rest

Finally Find IT AND keep learning and growing.

There is no need to look for the perfect answer because the one that exists only exists in That moment.

Note to myself: if in doubt just have fun –


Floriane x

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Meditation 29/09/21

I am taking you on a walk today.

I’d like to you close your eyes, breathe in deeply. And then out. Again.

Let your body relax on your chair, feel the connection between your sit bones on the floor, or your feet.

Imagine now a beautiful forest. There is a lovely trail hidden between the branches. The sun shines through the leaves. There are pines on the ground and needles, you can see different sort of trees: huge oak tree, sycamore, fir trees…

As you walk you realise people are following you, chatting around, you don’t know exactly how many, but more than 10 that’s for sure.

As you reach a view point you can see a bench near a rock wall and the sun that comes up on the hills.

You stop and sit on that bench.

In that dream of yours you also close your eyes.

And you breathe deeply.

As you breathe more and more deeply, as you become your breath and begin to loose track of time you hear a pop. For each deep breath you take there is a pop. People around you are disappearing in a pop. Slowly you find yourself on your own. Slowly you begin to actually feel where you are, you become conscious of the trees around you, of the birds singing up the trees, of the smell of the forest. Slowly you begin to feel that heavy silence you know the one that announces serenity and peace when you enter a church or a library.

You become more and more peaceful.

The voices in your head fade.

The sunlight warms your skin.

You open your eyes and you feel whole again.

You belong to yourself again.

You are one again.

Enjoy and soak up that feeling for as long as you wish.

And when the time seems right breathe deeply in and out again. Let go of the air in your lungs. Welcome the new air in.

Open your eyes.

Welcome back <3

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One of the thing that makes us start our self discovery journey is the eagerness to find our purpose. I have been pondering it.

Finding our purpose means more than that.

It means finding who we are, Finding what makes us unique. Finding out why we were born. Why did we have to be born if so many others are already doing and being what we do and are? What makes us special? What do we do better than others? What can make us happy? How can we help others? How can we Be more? Who are we supposed to become? What are we supposed to do? What is our place and role in the grand scheme of Life?

See, so many unanswered questions.

I am wondering which ones you already asked yourself, which ones are resonating with you, which ones you never thought of but now that I mention it…

And which ones I haven’t think of yet.

My recent questioning has been around our uniqueness. Or to put it simply, my uniqueness. Haha. I always ask those question to myself and try to answer them for myself first. Sometimes I get hubby involved, or my mum, they’re my two favourite people with whom I can philosophize.

I have no problems holding different, even opposite truths in my mind at the same time. I just need to find the logic that connects them. I genuinely can’t relax until I have done so. And trust me there a tons of surreal questions I ask myself, which means I tend to live in my mind more often than I should and the work for me is to ground my self in my body and reconnect to it as much as possible. Digression.

Part of me, slightly arrogant me, believes that I am unique and somewhat better than others. (Got to be honest)

Part of me genuinely believes that I am not better or worst than others, just another human being.

Part of me asks my subconscious if I truly believe more in one or the other.

Part of me just doesn’t care and goes on with her life.

Part of me thinks I should share this enlightening discovery with others.

Part of me finally came to the conclusion that I am both, unique and common. That my role can be whatever I fancy, the goal that makes me feel good is to be happy so as long as I allow life to be this way, as long as I makes choices that bring me there, as long as I do and am happy. Then I’m good.

I don’t know yet which form it can take. That’s everyday’s surprise.

But I know this is a lifeline I can trust, a belief I can hold, a path I can walk on.

How about you?

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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I wrote a book

I have been writing for years, but nothing made it to the final step of publishing.

This time it did.

I wrote about Mindfulness, I wrote about life, I wrote about what it means to be alive and live as a human beings fully present and aware of his abilities.

Over the years I have found that mindfulness and more precisely self awareness made everything feel better.

I gained clarity, I gained understanding, I gain energy and joy.

By being aware of my emotions, by shedding light on my patterns and reactions I really got the know myself.

This makes the whole difference.

You can do anything, you can feel anything, you can be anything, as long as you firmly stand grounded and feel connected to yourself it’s all good.

I have another book that has been collecting dust on my laptop for the last couple of years (is it? ) and I might very much publish it now.

The first time always is the hardest, then it’s just a matter of repeating it enough to master it.

I also want to write in French.

And to write book 2 of Mindfulness by Yourself.

I am buzzing ideas.

It’s funny how it works once you genuinely trust yourself and take that leap of faith.

Life feels so much lighter and funnier.

I highly recommend you try it.

With love,

Floriand x

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evening all

Here I am and I haven’t written anything for weeks. I feel very ashamed of myself.

There’s a part of me that still is judging me for not going through. for changing my mind, for lacking consistency.

And there’s this other part of that works her ass off to get my mind to change as I learn, to let go of what no longer serves me as soon as possible, to truly be in the moment and now what I need and honour that need.

There also is a part of me that knows when I am avoiding work (or things) because I am a little afraid, or ‘lazy’ (such a hard word, let’s call it non pro active). She knows that it is good for me to challenge myself and by doing things new, by learning and putting myself out there I will get the life I want to be in.

But first I have to Be that version of myself I actually so deeply want to be.

I’ve got to realise that I am already her.

There’s shadow work to do. Ancient history to release. Past patterns to let go of. Veils to unveil.

I am not a big fan of Healing. I find that you can spend your whole life healing if you wait until you are healed to do things. There also is a tendency to victimise ourselves.

But I have to admit. I haven’t found any other words to actually describe how you feel and what you do when you are healing. (I know I tend to overthink things but I can live with that)

So let’s call it healing. Let’s call it doing the inner work, the shadow work. Let’s use words that sometimes have lost their true meaning because of how often and how badly they are being used.

Let’s just connect to the intention behind. Let’s just agree to Be.

In the end we are all saying the same thing and all going through Life.

I find that we all have more in common than we think (shocking news to me truly).

We all are unique and no matter how many times I have read, heard or said that we are one and we are all the same. I actually get to feel the deep truth in that.

It’s always the more obvious that is last left to learn.

Enjoy a great evening,

to the pleasure to be typing on my keyboard again soon,

Floriane x

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I am peaceful

Peace really is dear to my heart.

Whenever things don’t turn the way I wanted, or I do something wrong, or I judge myself so hard for not doing something I remember those words.

I am peaceful.

This is who I want to be. This is on my vision board. The woman I want to become is strong, smart, efficient, kind, peaceful, joyful, free, happy, centred, aligned, balanced, in love, loved, grateful, powerful, passionate and content.

Peaceful and serenity are a whole vibe.

So I start by being this version of me now.

Because who I want to become already is.

This is who I am.

This is a version of me I have to allow to exist.

It is only a matter of letting go of fears and doubts.

Everything I want is already here.

I already am peaceful.

How about yoou?


Floriane x

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Self confidence

I have already written and spoken so many times about self confidence. (Like always end up speaking about it)

But truth is it ALWAYS comes down to that.

TRUST yourself

BELIEVE you can do it

IMAGINE it works in your favour

KNOW you are enough

OWN your power

GET exactly what you wanted and even better

CHOOSE as many times as you’d like until it’s right for you

TAKE full responsibility for your life

LET GO of everything that no long serves you

TRUST even deeper, more and more every day you are so worth it.

Woman, Men, Me, You we all are in the same boat when it comes to self confidence.

It’s time for all of us to wake up and get that right.

We are all amazing.

We are all unique.

We all deserve to have what we want.

If someone else has something you wanted doesn’t mean you can’t get it, we all play in our own lane.

More and better doesn’t involve lack and worse.

Shine bright little star, for you don’t know who you’re going to inspire and whose day you are going to brighten.

Happy weekend

F xx