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Rite of Passage

This is the most intensive magic I offer.

Monthly Mentoring, renewable only if needed.

Unlimited text and voice messaging

Weekly mentoring calls

Access to all online Courses and Masterclasses

Meditation bundle

A very special surprise crafted only for you

This is for you to fast forward your change.

This is for you to commit and truly Become the Change.

It’s priced at £888 per month


They are live events happening regularly throughout the year.

Meant to explore in depth very specific topics, the approach usually revolves around oneness and happiness.

Perfect to have a good think about Life, embody some more of what matters to us and put things into perspective.

Great event to also get your questions answered live!

You can purchase the replay in the Courses section

Free resources

Always check my Instagram and Facebook page to access almost daily reflective posts.

My Facebook group BE Yourself – Wake up whole holds monthly free masterclass, make sure you join!

If you are on LinkedIn, you can find more business orientated post there.

And our Youtube channel is being updated from time to time – always worth checking.

Ready to sail off to new adventures?