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Manifest Peace and Serenity

When I think about my life, about the person that I am, peaceful and serene are two adjectives that come back into my mind. They define best what I envision for myself and what make me feel good.

Now, I’m far from feeling peaceful and serene every day (ask  my husband) but I know I’ve got that in me and I know how to get back to it.

As I aimed for this lifestyle and trained my mind to rethink it, it became easier and quicker for me to realign to those feelings.

Like they say, it takes practice.

The first time is hard, the second is a little less and then it becomes a habit.

Now I am able to see all the possibilities that life offers me and choose the ones that bring me peace and serenity.

Now I am able to choose when and how to argue with my husband (sometimes you have to, sometimes you just want to and sometimes it just feels good to burst it out).

When you think about peace you might think of it in terms of being the opposite of war. You can then think about relaxation and silence. You can think about holidays and travels. You might also remember about those me time that brought you some peace.

I deeply believe that peace and serenity can become a second nature to who we are.

Once we become it, this only thing left to do is to bring that reality with us as we go.

In this program you will explore everything that does not bring you peace and serenity. You read right, we will work on your stressful list.

There is no peace without hate and no serenity without agitation.

The more you are aware of what creates discord within yourself the easier it will get to find a peaceful solution.

This is a 1:1 program.

Think of it as a layer cake (here’s my sweet tooth speaking again):

  • What is obviously triggering you?
  • What is a little less obvious?
  • What is subconsciously triggering you and you’ve built a habit around it to avoid it?

Inviting peace and serenity into your life won’t mean you’ll never feel anxious or angry again. In fact you may just more,literally, because you will have raised your awareness about those feelings.

Acknowledging them, welcoming them and parting with them – that is the life changing key that makes the difference.

Take the leap: learn what peace means to you; what makes you feel peaceful and what doesn’t.


Duration: 8 online sessions that you can spread between 4 to 8 weeks

Price: £330

Sessions: 45 min

What do you need: notebook is always good, commitment, open mind and access to network for video chat.

Upgrade: add £100 to get once a week a WhatsApp chat with me to really stay in your next level vibration no matter what life throws at you.

How it starts: when you get in touch to book your program you will get a 15 min chat for free, no engagement, just to determine where you are at and what works best for you.