Day of Silence

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I’ve learnt to value silence over many other things.


Being silent doesn’t always mean being bored.

Being silent doesn’t always mean agreeing.

Being silent doesn’t always mean being mad or angry.

Being silent is an opened door.



The true silence you will find when listening to yourself. *Yoda style*

It carries an amazing peace when you start listening to what you have to say, and value it.

Some meditations are done in silence.

Some exercises are done in silence.

It is not much about outer silence than inner attention.


Peaceful silence exists when you pay attention, when you focus, when you receive everything you already have within.


I aim for peaceful silence.

I aim for loved silence.

I aim for meaningful silence.

I aim for deep silence.

I aim for resourceful silence.

I aim for refuelling silence.

I aim for reenergising silence.

I aim for happy silence.

I aim for sated silence.

I aim for inner calm.

Inner silence.



I don’t force silence. I allow it.

I can listen to music, be outdoors, and still feel this silence in me.

I’ve learnt that silence could mean I am one.


It could mean I’m supporting myself.

It could mean I believe in myself.

It could mean I don’t care.

It could mean I trust myself.



It happened when I learnt the language of my soul, and stop believing it was some childish noise not worth listening.

It happened when I finally listened, and took action.

It happened when I stopped forcing myself to meditate and make silence.

It happened when I just paid attention to alll my soul had to say because it had been reduced to silence for so long.

It happened when I ‘disciplined’ myself, not to tick meditation and quiet activities on my to-do list, but to stop avoiding myself and to face it.

I disciplined myself for more kindness, compassion, love, tolerance, understanding, not for others, that I already do, but for me.


It happens when I cook, when I drive, when I work, when I exercise.

It happens all the time.

Just because the only thing that mattered was for me to stop turning my back on my soul.


Silence is powerful.

As much as breathing.

And it’s time for all of us to get it back – if you haven’t done it yet.

Empowerment starts in YOU.


What will it be for you?

What do you already know?


Floriane x

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