Divergent Thinking

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Have you ever heard of multi-thinking? Or maybe divergent thinking? Yes surely divergent must ring a bell to you, if you recall the movie.

Well it is exactly like that. It’s you being able to think out of the box to consider options you forbade yourself to even think of.


Why would we do that?

Well, that’s pretty simple too. You just grew up with people that saw life in one way and you basically made those conventions and rules as obvious and unquestionable as breathing.


Now. Now that you’re an adult, all grown-up, you wondered what if there was more?

What if there was different?

What if I could open more doors and think wider?

Well you can. You are only limited by your imagination. The connections your neurons can make are limitless. So go on, question it all. Create your own new rules. Break all the ancient ones. But please free you mind and unleash your spirit and your soul.



You are feeling incomplete and sad because you’re not honouring it all. You’re not honouring who you really are. Because you are limiting yourself to the very beliefs you grew up with.


Set yourself free.

It is up to you now, it always has been.



Your freedom and happiness stand right behind those doors. Will you dare to open them? 




Speaking of which I will release my brand new online training about this divergent thinking and these doors to open in the next few days. Stay connected!



Floriane x

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