Freedom is my limit

I have been asked what does freedom means to me?

Well, I would answer freedom is my life.

I cannot imagine a world without freedom. I cannot imagine my life without freedom.

I strongly feel unapologetically free. This need is real. I’ve built my life around it.

Freedom is my limit, my boundary.

As long as I feel free I can do anything. But put me in a box, or should I say as soon as I put myself in a box, with good intentions or not, and I can bet you sooner or later I will feel this urge to run. It’s almost like a wild animal in captivity, my soul sends me all sorts of messages, my body will present signs of illness, until I finally agree to listen to what is wrong.

And this is when the magic happens. As everyone I have my doubts, my fears, my limits.

But for freedom? For freedom I can face them all and some more. I will overcome all challenges and obstacles just because I know that my life is at stake. Just because I know that if I don’t fight it, I’ll die. It’s as extreme as it is.


Freedom is the whole.
Freedom is reached when you willingly let go of things.
Freedom is a moment.
Freedom is an experience.
Freedom is the ultimate treasure.
Freedom means you finally accepted yourself entirely, as you are.
Freedom means that you’ve stepped into your power.
Freedom is this feeling of expansion.
Freedom is the horizon of all possibilities.
Freedom is in your mind.
Freedom is in your body.
Freedom is the pure essence of your soul.
Freedom is you at your greatest.
Freedom is the human being in its greatness.
Freedom happens when the human being plays by the natural rules.
Freedom is humankind.
Freedom starts in our hearts and grows beyond our own expectations until it shapes our lives.
Freedom means no judgement but also disagreement.
Freedom means passion but also rationality.
Freedom accepts all things.
And freedom stands for itself.
Freedom is finally breathing fully.
Freedom is joy and happiness and acceptance and practicality.
Freedom starts as a choice.
Freedom does not like comprises but can accept them.






May you feel free,


Floriane x

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