Friendly September

Dear friends,

I am sorry. I don't always have time for you, to write to you, to call you.

Please, be aware that you mean the world to me.

You are the family I chose.

I have found my tribe with you.

My supportive, funny and loving tribe.

I will always do my best to be there for you. And I know you will do the same for me.

Time has passed, but our young spirits are still there.

I love you to the moon. And back.


I suggest we all use this 30 next days to reconnect with the friends that are a part of us. Or maybe just the friends we are curious to know about. And maybe take this time to choose the friends we want to keep in our life and the ones that belong to the past. Life happened. And we change, our life change, we make new friend, we keep old friends, we lose friends. It is sometimes up to us, sometimes up to life. There is nothing good or bad about it. Just the circle of life.


With Love,



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