From Self-employed to Soul-employed

You need to know that you are doing enough.

You need to reconnect and remember why you started this business in the first place.

It is still true? What changed?

You are always in charge of your life, don’t let it get away from you.

Do you want more? Do you want less?

What exactly do you want?

And then….

What exactly do you need?

But first.

Time to check, be true to yourself. If you’re running your own business you know how authenticity and honesty are important. Not only for clients. But for yourself too. Yes. Be true to yourself.

Are you aligned with who you are? Do you actions reflect who you truly are? YES or NO.

And then we’ll start doing something about it. What do you think?

You humanely can’t reach the next level of your business without being truly aligned all along the way. Not without burning out. Yes, you did the hard work. I know you did. It led you where you are now, and you can be proud of it. But now, your mind has its limit. You can’t handle it all on your own. You possibly can’t stay disconnected to your soul any longer. You can’t afford it. You have to start to commit to it. First and foremost.

Then, do the hard work on purpose.

The see how amazingly things start working out on their own.

You’re not super powerful. Your mind believes it is but you can’t think and work on every single strategy to make the things work. It’s time consuming and energy consuming. It’s not worth it. Your happiness, your soul, your peace, are not worth it.

But Start working from your soul. Start trusting yourself. Start acting like you already own it.

And you’ll see.

All this energy you’ll have left every day. All the peace, joy and contentment you’ll every day.

Prioritise your actions.

The perfect recipe might not be your perfect recipe. And it’s ok. Add an inch of that, a cup of this, and see how it goes.

You started working as self-employed to know happiness and freedom.

It’s still time.

Move from self-employed to SOUL-employed.

It’s time to shift. Your mind and your energy.

Your superpower does not lie in your mind, but in your soul. And it doesn’t answer to continuity. It owns its own logic. It doesn’t always make sense from a mind viewpoint, but it does, deeply, from a soul viewpoint.

Ready to take the leap?

Leave the fear behind. You can’t afford not to.



A one time workshop.

Attend it physically in Newcastle or access it online with the recorded version.

It’s time to put your brain, your mind, your mental aside.

It’s going to be intense, life-changing.

Do not enrol if you’re feeling ensure. Do not enrol if you’re not willing to take action. Do not enrol if you’re afraid of change.

But if you ready to make things happen, if you’re willing to do the work, face your fear and do that shift, then this is for you. This is what you need. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready for the bigger picture? Are you ready to create your magic? It’s mind blowing. It’s a true reconnection to everything you deeply felt was right without completely believing it or being able to explain it. This is your time. This is the moment when you shine, bright.


2h30, one workshop, game changer.


It’s a forever program, you will have access to the recorded video and the prompt/ worksheets so you can go back to it at any time !


There is more and you know it. About life, about business, about you. Everything is connected. And you know it. It’s time to shine. And it’s time to trust and to believe that you’re going to do great.

April 24th , 2h30 with me in Newcastle. Open to 10 people.

Or/and access it online. Unlimited access.

We’ll be talking about SOUL, about Inner self, about your Heart, about YOU.

It’s time to reconnect to it.

It’s time to embrace it.

It’s time to CHOOSE it.

It’s time to nurture it.

And it’s time for you to finally learn to live with it.

Oh yeah you’re going to FEEL CERTAIN, and BE CERTAIN about it.