Here you are

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You will get there. Sure.


You just need, well you know, to get there!


No kidding.

You’ve been delaying this moment for so long. You know it, I know it. We all know it.

You’ve been finding so many different reasons for you to not do it.

I must say, now, tell me your reasons for you to NOT not do it?

You are the person who can’t not do the job.

You are the person who can’t not be aligned.

You are the person who can’t not speak and share the message.

You are the one who cannot not.


And that makes the whole difference.

And THAT will give you the little extra push you needed to start doing it.

Stop seeking for reasons and ideas.

It’s coming from within, don’t bother looking for it.

You’re not controlling it. Well, at least your mind is not in charge of it.

Your mind can design from the ideas you will give him. It’s absolutely not his role to find the IDEAS. It never has been. Why do you think you’re so tired and exhausted? You’ve been asking your mind to do a 3 men job. No kidding.

Sure you’ll have to lost control first. And LET it come from WITHIN.

Sure it’s scary.

Sure your mind will tell you that you might have zero idea, you might have it all wrong, you might be absolutely out of your comfort zone. But who cares? Certainly not your inner self. You’ve never felt so happy than now. You’ve always wanted it, deeply, expressing who you really are, showing the world who you really are, bringing to life all your fabulous ideas.



Start trusting yourself.

Start taking yourself seriously.

You deserve to be serious toward yourself, you deserve to commit to yourself, you actually HAVE to.



Because it’s the only way you’re going to feel right. It is the only way you have to feel relaxed and peaceful, to be a whole. When you let your mind go and let it do its job. It’s going to do well. But it’s not the one in charge who creates things. It’s simply not. Give everybody the job that suits their skill. Body, mind and soul. Then you’ll be able to achieve everything you want. And you will enjoy it. You won’t be fighting it, fearing for your life. Because it would be all you all along. And when it comes from within, from YOU, it’s always right.


Of course you already know it.


Floriane x

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