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Scaling the emotional rollercoaster






Your emotions rule you. It’s something we’ve always been told. But did those telling us that actually know how correct they were? Or did they mean what they said in a negative way?


We are all emotional beings. And those emotions do guide us through life. They colour our decisions and impact on our reactions to situations.


I’m here, this month, to talk about how controlling your emotions, the vibrations you put out into the world, can help you change your life for the better.


It’s all to do with the Law of Attraction – heard of it?

If you have, you already know.

If not, this information could change your life. Seriously.



How emotions control what happens

One of my favourite narrators on the Law of Attraction is Abraham Hicks.

She talks about an emotional scale – we’re all on it, whether we realise it or not. And it’s affecting our lives and what we attract, on every level.

Think about it. When things go right in life, we feel great, don’t we?

But when things don’t quite go according to plan, we don’t feel so good. We get sad, we beat ourselves up, we question our value.

In short, we have an emotional response to what’s happening in the here and now. We’re reactive.


It’s so easy to do – we get swept up in emotions and current circumstance. It’s difficult not to in fact.


But Abraham Hicks tells us we have to get over these emotional responses to situations. Because if you focus on the negative of what’s happening in life, more negative will come back to you. You’re creating negative vibrations in the Universe and turmoil and negativity is what you’ll get back.


And sometimes, in response to the need to act in a less emotionally reactive way, we try to control the conditions of our life in order to attract positive outcomes. But that’s the hard way – we’re swimming against the tide.



Control the right things

Yes, it is about controlling things, but controlling conditions in the world is an almost impossible task. We have to focus on what we are able to control, and that’s the vibrations we give out.

You are adored. You are loved, valued, treasured. Those are the vibrations that the Universe has for you. By reacting to the situations around you, sometimes you’re sending out negative vibrations which collide with the Universe. It doesn’t feel good.

The negative vibrations you receive back show up as negative emotions – fear, hatred, sadness, depression.

And more of that will come back, the more you focus on those negative emotions.

If you can control your emotions and send out positive vibrations even when it feels difficult to do so, you’re in harmonious flow with the Universe and positivity will come back at you.


The Universe allows you some wriggle room

It’s difficult to remember, sometimes, that negative thoughts are allowed. We’re all human, after all. We all think negative things sometimes, and the trick is not to be scared of those thoughts.  Don’t try to suck them back inside yourself, fearing the Universe will send negativity back at you.

You have some wriggle room. As long as you try to remain positive the majority of the time, the Universe will send it right back at you.

And when it comes to the scale of emotions, you don’t have to move from depression to joy to get it right. Simply moving from one position on the scale to another is a win.

Move from depression to anger and you’re winning.

Move from anger to distaste and you’re crushing it.

It isn’t all about hearts and flowers, as long as you’re shifting up the emotional scale, most of the time.

How does that feel?



Handling emotions and giving out good vibes,

Floriane x

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