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Be Your Happy Self

We are transitioning to Floriane & co Mindfulness! Exciting times to come!

Here are the different ways to work with me. I will update this page as we build up and you get access to amazing healers, artists, coaches and creators.

Floriane: all things mindfulness

Know yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself

I am only focusing on 4 main services at the moment. Prices are Canadian $.

  • 1:1 coaching: to guide you and help you discover your true self, to find your path and walk your truth.

3h to be used in block of 3h or 3 x 1h or 2 x 1h30


  • planning and organising: to help you achieve your goal and your dreams, those are planning sessions to help you come up with a realistic blueprints of how the pieces come together. We’re looking for meaningful and realistic, big and small.

3h to be used in block of 3h or 3 x 1h or 2 x 1h30


  • Online courses: pre recorded videos to teach you, guide you and help you reflect in the comfort of your own home.

ranges from $37 to $97

  • Masterclasses: Live training on very specific topics, then available for purchasing as online courses (look for bundles 😉 )


  • Card reading: just a little out of the box ish feeling to help you expand and listen to what you need to hear. There are messages that resonates with us and reinforce our self confidence as we take on the bumpy road that is Life.

$47 per session, 1h.

What do you want to start with?