It’s never been easy

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Life is hard.

Life is not easy.


That is absolutely true.

We can all agree.


The only thing is that we misunderstood it. We allowed ourselves to be misguided.


The only thing that is hard about life is actually to understand what balance is all about.


It is hard to stand on thin ice, you have to be at the right place.

It is hard to be on an edge and find the perfect balance.

It is hard for our brains to allow opposite truths to coexist.


We crave one-sided story, because it is so much easier.

But guess what, there are always at least two sides at everything.


This is what we find it hard, and this is the key element you must master to reach your next level and stop acting like a slave in your own life


You must open your mind up. 
You must start to think differently. 


Your sanity lies there. 

The easy way has never been the fun and  happy way. 

But you can MAKE things easy

You can STOP considering the hard way as… as hard way. 

You can start perceiving life and things differently. 

You can reconsider it all. 


So you will feel free. 


What next? 

Well you start looking up at the sky and believing a NEW TRUTH. No matter which new truth you choose to believe in, I want you to truly deeply infinitely believe in it. In your gut. Feel your whole body-mind-soul aligned with it.


Everything in your life is up to you. 

You are the one responsible for everything that happens. The good. And the bad. Everything. 



So, what your next chapters will be?


With love, 


Floriane x

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