Kick Start Your Summer

1st of July 2018

I met Barbara on a Business Course and she was so cheerful and passionate about life, work, everything that I immediately had this feeling about how uplifting it would be to create some workshops together. Here we are, launching our first one in South Shields !

During this Workshop, we aim for every participant to have access to :

  • time for reflection about your goals and your mindset
  • breathing techniques to learn how to engage your core muscles deeper and release any other tension
  • 1 hour Pilates by myself to bring awareness and strenght to your body. We will specially focus on your hips, core and shoulder (almost everything... true)
  • 1 hour Fitness and Kickboxing to learn new skills and improve even more your strenght. You will feel really empowered !
  • And because Barbara and I are so excited by this first partnership, everyone will leave with a booklet full of advices, nutritional tips, and short training to do at home based on what you learnt in the workshop.

It is all beginners and more advanced - friendly 😀

Contact me to know more about it via the Contact Form or on Facebook Event Kick Start Your Summer.

Payment via PayPal to book your place.

We are waiting for you !