leap of faith

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Let’s talk about this giant, huge leap of faith today. The one we have to take sometimes, whether you’ve taken it or not, you probably experienced this moment, when you have to take a decision.

Are you betting on yourself?

Are you betting on your future?

Are you following what brings you joy and excitement?

Are you following your gut and intuition?

Ignoring what would be reasonable or logical?

Did you? Did you jump off the cliff? Or did you turn back?

Either way is fine, beware that you took that decision.

Be aware that you can change your mind.

Be aware that you can fall, and it is alright.

Be aware that you can be wrong, and it is alright.

Be aware that you’re here to learn, and experience.

Trust that you’ll be able to stand up if you fall.

Trust that you’ll be resilient if you need to.

Trust that you’ll have the resources within you at any time.

And then decide, are you jumping or not?

Nobody else can decide for you. This will be on you.

You are, and always will be responsible for your decisions.

So, do you? Jump?

Do you dare? Breaking all the rules that society shows us as success?

Do you dare not making any sense to your beloved ones?

Do you dare listen to the words your heart and your soul are whispering to you?

Or not yet?

You will, eventually, in this life or another. (I believe that we are here to achieve our higher purpose, no matter how long it would take us)

Everything will come to you at the right time.

You’ll just have to be ready.

We are meant to be. That’s it. BE.

BE just means being you.

and sometimes between your past experiences and what you’ve been taught,


it requires a leap of faith.

In you.

Have faith that you will be alright.

And that alright doesn’t mean always being good, you will have hard time, you will be scared, but you’ll be free and you will finally be YOU.

Be at the right place, at the right time. BE.

Expressing who you are, making the world a better place, having fun, shining your inner light so that people can see YOU. Scary, but how true and finally relaxing to stop trying so hard to please everyone and do what we are expected to do.

So, do you jump?


With love,


Floriane x

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