Life awaits, Your Life Awaits.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It appears before you.

And you don’t quite see it.

Too busy reacting to it.

It is your perfect chance to learn and grow,

to reach the next level,

Defeat the boss.

And you stay busy, lost into your emotions.

There is nothing quite like our emotions, and mind, and ego.

They keep us busy,

Away from the improvements and the changes we want to make.

Beware the dog, they say.

Consider yourself as a dog.

Most of the time you don’t even pay attention to it.

And it leads you.

It leads your life.

It shapes your life.

And then you’ll get back to Life saying,

This is not what I wanted.

This is not what I wished for.

Well, this is all you did anyway.

Be aware of your Self,

Shed the light on yourself,

And see all this little things that are so not you really.

Get back to who you are,

What you’d like to do.






This will lead you to the life you actually want,

Because you’ll actually do it from

Who You Are.

The only place that matters.

The only thing you know for sure.

The only way to make it right.

Life awaits,

Would you live it?

Floriane x

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