Life is Magic

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 




Life is magic.


Not the magic you might have in mind.

No bunnies, no sleeves.

No unicorn either.


It’s magic because we can’t prove the soul and the spirit yet.

Because we talk about the universe and the cosmos and how we learn to surrender;

without fully understanding it.

It is magic because of it.

It is magic because we don’t understand it fully.

If we were to understand it, it will lose its power and become another tool to our mind.


It is magic when you don’t want to grasp it completely.

It is magic when you believe in it and yet you keep living your life.


You rely on it but you know it won’t work on its own, you have to help co-create the magic.

Without controlling it.

THIS is when the magic happens.

When you are not controlling things. But you are still acting.


Life with magic is like a dance.

You have a partner that is leading.

You can’t lead at the same time, you will have your turn.

And while it is leading, you are following, which is a very important part.

You are part of the tension without which the co-creation would not exist.


From two beings, dance creates one.

It moves as one body, and the body tension is everything. Without it you miss the beat. Without it you’re not quite in harmony.

Think about it when you live your life.

You are co-creating.

You are alternatively leading and following.

Giving and receiving.

Always part of it, always acting, even when you do nothing.

Always present.



And if you forgot about this feelings, or if you never felt it,

Your next mission will be to take a salsa or tango or rock or any other ballroom dance lesson.


And you will know.


With love and magic,


Floriane x

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